Flush doors

Interior doors that open up new architectural possibilities

Flush doors have a modern and minimalist look that lends itself to contemporary architecture. With our solid doors in a smooth design, you have almost endless possibilities to use the door as an architectural element in your interior design.

Vahle has produced flush doors for everything from large office buildings such as the Carlsberg Group headquarters in Copenhagen, Bestseller in Aarhus, ECCO Global Marketing in Tønder, to churches and private homes.

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Dark oak interior doors with concealed hinges that perfectly match the natural materials of the interior.

What is a flush door?

A flush door from Vahle is a solid door that has a completely smooth surface.

Vahle interior flush doors have a solid core and often concealed hinges and door pump for a modern look, so the door becomes an architectural element in your home or the building you’re designing.

Flush doors with unique surfaces

What you notice most about flush doors is typically the surface of the door. Vahle makes the surface in any material – from wood veneer, linoleum, painted surface, microcement to something completely different – and with different door handles. All doors are manufactured at our joinery workshop in Denmark.

Depending on the material you choose, the door can either disappear into the wall or stand out to draw attention to itself with another smooth surface in a modern home. You also have the option of matching the surface of the door to the kitchen or floor to create a common thread in the interior.

This door is a flush door covered with linoleum in a beautiful oak frame. The door is produced in linoleum that matches the kitchen and interior design of the house, and it is produced according to our “reverse door principle”, which makes the solid door lie flush with the wall.

Flush doors with linoleum

Smooth door with linoleum to match the house’s kitchen.

Oak door with concealed hinges in black

With invisible hinges and an integrated door pump, you get the ultimate minimalist look. See the full solution from Blackbird Air Charter

Smooth doors with concealed hinges and door pump

If you choose integrated hinges and a door pump – so the doors are only visible when you open them – you get a simple and clean look.

This way, the focus is on the door itself and the material of the door.

Doors with drop seal for extra comfort

A seal is a detail that can make a big difference to the comfort of your door. A drop seal at the bottom of the door leaf ensures that the door seals tightly against the floor. The seal is automatically triggered when the door is closed.

When there is also a seal in the frame, it provides a gentle and comfortable experience when you close the door. The seal prevents wood meeting wood, which can cause a hard seal.

Smooth oak door with drop seal

Oak door with drop seal and concealed hinges.

Fire doors
Sound doors
Security doors


Fire, sound and safety requirements

Do you have functional requirements? We fulfill them without compromising on expression

If you want the flush door to function as a fire, sound or security door, you can add these functions without affecting the design of the door. This way, the door can look and function the way you want it to without compromising on function or expression.

Our flush doors are available as:

Fire door: EI30, EI60
Acoustic door: 30dB, 35dB
Security door: As EN

This means that all functional needs are covered without compromising the look of the door.

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Smooth oak door

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