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Indoor wooden doors

Great Northern has wooden interior doors custom-made for the raw architecture.

In Kerteminde, winding, green golf courses are the setting for Great Northern’s sharp and raw architecture. Step inside and you’ll find quality in the form of Nordic design made from rich, natural materials.

The dark oak doors, custom-made by Vahle for the golf club’s spa, among others, help create a unique experience.

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Dark custom designed doors

contributes to the luxurious and unique atmosphere

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Dark doors

in beautiful harmony with masonry and floors

Great Nortern dark oak doors

The feeling of wellbeing

starts when you open the door

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Deep oak frames are for the door experience

what good speakers are for the music system

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Doors make a significant impact

in the public areas of the hotel

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Oak and steel complement each other

with heat and cold respectively

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Minimal joints of 5 mm for a sharp look

where the frames are also flush with the wall

Great Nortern dark oak doors

The beautiful wood structure of the door stands out beautifully

and perfectly matches the raw brick wall

Great Nortern dark oak doors invisible door pump

Invisible door closers and hinges

emphasizes the simple and austere expression

Great Nortern dark oak doors

Dark oak doors with warm light

creates a sense of security and well-being in the hotel’s spa area

Project details

Technical details


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European oak doors stained in a special smoked oak color.

Indoor doors create wellbeing

At Great Northern, the architecture and interiors have been carefully selected to create an experience of the highest class. The wooden interior doors complement the wooden beamed ceiling, rustic brick walls and dark stone floor. When you use the doors, you’ll immediately notice that they’re out of the ordinary. The weight and momentum of the door provides a sense of well-being.


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Custom colored wooden doors

The interior doors have a European oak veneer finish, while the frames are made from solid European oak. The rough texture of the surface fits perfectly with the raw walls. The stained surface of the doors forms the basis for the color of the rest of the interior. For example, the color of the wood is custom-made for the project, for which Vahle has delivered around 150 doors.


Warm doors with concealed hardware

The reddish wood texture of the door adds warmth to the surrounding cold materials. The expression of the door is not disturbed by hinges or door closers that are hidden inside the door, unlike regular doors where the hardware is visible. The wooden doors are simple and elegant in the walls, with a calm yet distinct look as the dark wood contrasts with the light-colored bricks.

Same design in interior doors regardless of function

Interior doors are made with different functional requirements. For example, some doors function as fire doors and sound doors. Although some of the doors have an extra function, all doors look the same. The design of the door is the same regardless of function, creating a consistent interior and ensuring a quality experience.

See more options for smooth, modern doors

See more options with smooth doors

Smooth doors have a modern and minimalist look that lends itself to contemporary architecture. With a smooth door, you have almost endless possibilities to use the door as an architectural element in your interior design.

Great Northern smooth doors