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JE-Træ Front Door – Beautiful Front Doors in Carpentry Quality

Vahle’s production also includes the JE-Træ Front Door. Since 1973, JE-Træ Front Door has been making exclusive front doors for those who value design, security and durability. With our years of experience, you’re guaranteed an entrance that looks beautiful and functions optimally.


The door is proven to be superior in terms of burglar resistance, energy efficiency and noise reduction. We can also make the front door as a fire door.

The front door to your home

First impressions are important, even when it comes to your house. With a JE-Tree Front Door, you can match and emphasize your home’s architecture by combining the many options of door models, side panels, handles and wood species – such as mahogany, oak or teak.

A Durable Front Door

Our front door is thoroughly tested in the harsh Danish climate. We can deliver a functional and stylish front door with the absolute best energy ratings despite the ever-increasing energy demands of the construction industry. The door is extremely durable, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. And even if parts of the door become worn over time, we can replace those parts of the door so you still have a presentable front door.

Barcode JE-Træ Front Door
Showroom 6

Visit our showroom

If you want to see, hear and touch a front door produced by us, come and visit us

You are more than welcome to visit us and experience our showroom. Our door is always open during our opening hours. However, it’s a good idea to contact us in advance and we’ll be happy to give you a tour, review your project and then calculate a non-binding quote.

We look forward to hearing about your project.

Contact us for a tour on +458637 2477.

Your front door is crucial to the overall look of your home

Architecture is a discipline where it is important that the different elements work together. It’s the sum of all the elements’ shared aesthetic that creates the story your home tells you and the people who visit you.

At Vahle, we naturally believe that your front door plays a very special role in the style of your home. It serves as an essential entrance to your home – which is why it’s especially important that your new front door is inviting, fits the style of your home and suits your personal preferences, as you may use it many times a day.

Choose your new front door based on your own personal preferences

Your front door is therefore a priority, and at Vahle we produce stylish doors of the highest quality. We can make all exterior doors to measure, as we produce the doors ourselves at our workshop in Denmark. That’s why there are so many options for a new front door that completely matches your style and needs.

This way, you can help color the first impression of your home and possibly give a taste or design idea of the universe that awaits you inside the door. These beautiful doors are available in a wide range of different styles to suit both new homes and homes in need of a stylistic boost.

Aros Je_Trae front door

Exterior door model AROS – one of the most popular Je-Træ models.

New exterior doors in different materials with high impact

The design philosophy is influenced by the classic lines of Danish craftsmanship, architecture and design over the last century. That’s why we can deliver new doors that represent some of the best of classic elegance and modern minimalism. What all our front doors have in common is that wood plays an important role in the look of the door. Here you can choose a new exterior door in a variety of top-quality wood species, each with its own unique glow.

Get your new front door in the color of your choice

Of course, you can also have our doors delivered in different colors. Many people prefer our type of door with a look that shows off the wood in fine wooden doors. But it’s also possible to have our exterior doors delivered in any RAL color of your choice. This way, you can always get a new door that matches the look of your home through a well-functioning contrast or as an element in the same color as some of the other elements in your home.

JeTrae front door model Omega in light oak entrance door

Model Admiral – light oak. A housing cooperative restored the original entrance doors with new front doors.

Beautiful architectural front doors for modern new builds and renovation projects

The front doors we produce are available in an extensive range, allowing you to get an architectural door that really makes a difference to the exterior. There are doors that suit a simple design and highlight the quality of contemporary design thinking, as well as doors that have a more retrospective look that is extremely warm and charming. However, whatever you choose, you can expect to enjoy your Vahle front door for many years. Because we produce front doors that are designed to last – both in terms of quality and design.

Several different types to choose from

The beautiful exterior doors are available in many variants with different panels, slats and wood types, so you can really put your own personal touch on your front door. We also have the option to add multiple types of glass panels for an even more personalized look with great features. Finally, we offer the option of choosing a suitable side panel on the left or right side of the door frame and/or a top panel, which is also a great way to combine with our exterior doors. Here you can get different types of glass – including clear glass, which allows more light into the hallway, or smoke-colored glass, which diffuses the light so you get a light feeling through the light opening, but prevents any passers-by from looking directly in, which lets in plenty of light but prevents unwanted views.

Every door type is created with care and quality to provide maximum value to the people who use it every day.

Why you should consider a new front door from Vahle

When you buy a new front door from Vahle, you add a touch of valuable character to your home. All our doors represent the aesthetically pleasing culmination of craftsmanship, thoughtful functionality and contemporary design – whether forward-thinking or classic. That’s why you get a product that can improve the value of your home. Not only in a financial sense, but also in terms of the value your new front door will bring you through daily use.

All our doors are made for and by people. It’s a difference that is clearly noticeable. That’s why you’re welcome to visit our open showroom, where you can experience the feeling of everything classic carpentry craftsmanship can deliver through the use of the right quality materials.

Vahle showroom with Barcode front door

Vahle’s entrance with JE-Trae facade. Model: Barcode – light oak.