Modern entrance doors

Staircase doors for modern architecture

The door to your apartment looks best if it matches the style of the hallway and the architecture of the building. For some hallways, a modern door is appropriate, while a classic-style hallway door is better suited to others.

A modern-looking entrance door typically fits well with apartments from the 1940s and 1950s.

Staircase door

Staircase door in oak veneer and solid oak frames.

What is an entrance door?

An entrance door is a front door into an apartment. It’s also known as a climate door.

The main function of the door is to separate the heated apartment from the unheated hallway. The climate door prevents cold from the stairwell from entering the apartment.

Apartment door as a fire door and acoustic door

We can make a Vahle entrance door to inhibit fire and insulate sound. It’s incredibly valuable when you live in an apartment to also think about soundproofing. It’s nice to be able to be undisturbed in your apartment without being bothered by odors and noise from the hallway.


Modern entrance door

The beautiful oak wood looks great with the natural-colored tiles.

Great Nortern dark oak doors

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