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Carpenter’s Collection

Wooden doors created by the master carpenter

Traditionally, Vahle has designed according to the customer’s wishes. This series is Vahle’s own design, created by our own master carpenter.

The Carpenter’s Collection is built from oak wood, providing a durable door that will last for generations. The doors have a beautiful, organic wood texture and a warm glow.

The Carpenter's Collection

Model I. The continuous slats in the door create a beautiful verticality in the room.

A unique oak door with a focus on design and functionality

The Carpenter’s Collection design series is designed by our own master carpenter, Ole Sten.

The wooden door’s clean lines and beautiful material choices reveal solid craftsmanship, with shapely details and well-thought-out functionality.

See the exciting villa project where the homeowners have chosen several doors from Carpenter’s Collection Model I. They have combined the doors with pivot doors and a JE-Træ facade door. The choice of oak wood ties all the models together beautifully.

How much does a Carpenter’s Collection cost?

When you order a door from us, we’ll calculate a price and give you a quote.

The price of a Carpenter’s door depends on your choices. You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding offer.


Carpenter's oak door

A Carpenter’s Collection door can be customized exactly to your wishes and needs.

Carpenter's oak door

Model II. The beautiful Carpenter’s Collection door serves as a piece of furniture in a villa with consistent choices.

Two models for two design options

Model I has moldings in the middle that run from top to bottom, emphasizing the verticality of the wooden door. The traditional frame above the wooden door has been removed.

Model II also has moldings in the center of the door. The mouldings are broken up by glazing bars, giving the wooden door a simple and graphic look.

Double wooden door in solid oak

We can also make The Carpenter’s Collection as a double door.

The wooden door, which opens up to a recess with materials, is mounted on the outside of the wall.

This double door was custom-made for the Zurface showroom in Aarhus, Denmark. The wooden surface of the door adds warmth to the interior and highlights the quality of the company’s natural stone products.

Carpenter's Collection double door Zurface showroom

Zurface Showroom in Aarhus: Double door Model I mounted on the outside of the wall.

Oak slats on both door and bathroom furniture
Door and interior with the same look and vertical lines

Doors and interiors with elegant vertical lines

Carpenter’s Collection presents oak doors with a unique elegance, where the clean, vertical wood slats create refined lines in architecture. These doors are solitary decor elements in any room, their aesthetic quality is evident and they add a touch of modernity.

When these lines in the door harmonize with the lines of other interior details, such as bathroom furniture, it creates a unique balance and a unique look. The thoughtful integration of vertical lines creates not only visual coherence, but also a sense of cohesion that makes the space both inviting and stylish. Dive into our Carpenter’s Collection and experience a fusion of form and function where vertical lines become the centerpiece of your interior design experience.

Vahle doors are sold directly from our factory in Denmark.

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Carpenter's oak door