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Modern interior doors

Defining architecture

A modern interior door stands out in different ways depending on whether the door functions as a standalone element or is integrated into the wall surface it is part of.

We can make the door surface from a variety of materials to give you the look that suits you.

The design is integrated into the architecture, creating a connection between the door and the other elements of the home or building.

What type of door are you looking for?

Fire doors
Sound doors
Security doors


Fire, sound and safety requirements

Do you have functional requirements? We fulfill them without compromising on the look

An interior flush door from Vahle can have various built-in functions.

Our flush doors are fire-tested and meet current fire regulations. We can also produce the doors as both acoustic and security doors.

Our modern interior doors are available as:

Fire door: EI30, EI60
Acoustic door: 30dB, 35dB
Security door: As EN

This means that all functional needs are covered without compromising the look of the door.

Carlsberg flush doors smoked oak
Carlsberg’s new Global Head Quarter features flush doors that are completely integrated into the walls.

The modern door shapes the homes of the future

Our modern interior doors are characterized by a smooth surface that fits in with the minimalist Nordic style. The unbroken surface, beautiful lines and unique material choice is a consistent look that can complete your project.

When building or renovating your home or designing a commercial building, it’s a good idea to consider the modern door as part of the architectural expression.

Make the door part of the architecture

A modern interior door stands out in a variety of ways. It can function as a stand-alone element or can be integrated into the wall surface it is part of.

We can make the door surface from many different materials depending on the look you want.

Consider the door’s design in the architecture so you can create coherence between the door and the other elements of the home or building.

Great Nortern dark oak doors

The color of the Great Northern doors is custom developed to match the building’s interior.

Egeris Church oak double doors

In Egeris Church, the oak double door is a distinctive element in the church space.

The modern door can have built-in features

Different features are suitable for different projects.

A flush door can have different built-in functions and is manufactured as a double or multi-leaf door.

It may also need to be able to function as a fire door, acoustic door door or security door.

Pivot and sliding doors are popular choices in modern architecture

Both pivot doors and sliding doors are very popular in modern construction.

Pivot doors are available in large sizes and are often integrated into the wall, creating a beautiful visual effect in the room.

We can also make sliding doors in large sizes. They typically don’t take up much space, giving you more square meters to decorate.

Pivot door oak and glass

The glass and oak pillar door in this private home is an aesthetic and practical solution.

The reverse door

With inward opening doors and the ‘reverse door’ opening principle, this private home creates a completely flat door-wall solution that blends in with the floors.

The door opening principle is a fundamental architectural choice

The opening principle of a door can sound both technical and mundane. But, once you realize the potential of the principles, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

The opening principle is a fundamental choice that has a major impact on design, functionality and aesthetics.

Vahle works with four basic opening principles.

Interior and exterior doors are connected

In this modern reimagining of a four-lane farmhouse, the choice of materials has been key.

All doors, like the rest of the interior, are built in oak. The front door is a JE-TRÆ Barcode door in oak, where both the exterior and interior sides are finished with the same look.

Looking down through the entrance hall, the front door harmonizes with the oak interior doors.

Architect: Verna

Photo: Studio Stine Albertsen

See more images from the project here.


Verna Architect Fyn Firlænget Gård Photo Studio Stine Albertsen Entrance

The interplay between the interior doors and the front door creates a beautiful result in this modern reimagining of a four-lane farmhouse.


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Pivot doors in oak

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