Carpenter’s doors in solid oak

in a penthouse apartment with a lounge atmosphere.

An apartment at the top – that’s what you can say about this apartment, which is at the top in more than one sense. The apartment offers panoramic views of the city, water and land. When the current owner took over the apartment, it was upgraded according to the owner’s wishes.

A fundamental inspiration in the interior of the apartment is the calm, soft and atmospheric lounge vibe that you know from the hotel environment. Every detail has been carefully considered as part of creating a personalized home that the owners feel comfortable in.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle
Villa Sp3 2

The warm colors in the interior

is reflected in the choice of materials.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

Carpenter’s Collection Model I

with vertical wooden slats from floor to ceiling.

Villa Sp11 2

There is wallpaper on all walls in the apartment,

giving a tactility that matches the doors perfectly.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

A classic door handle is a stylish choice even on a modern door.

This beautiful handle is from the Randi Classic Line series.

Villa Sp5 2

Carpenters Model I is also available with top and bottom clamps,

which frames the door beautifully and gives the door extra stability.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

Sills are a big part of the experience

On one side they are visible and on the other they are flush with the walls.

Villa Sp8

A beautiful view through the hallway,

where the two entrance doors blend in beautifully with the other doors.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

Doors and frames in solid oak

matches the atmospheric bathroom.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

Floor to ceiling doors

lets the door become a distinctive element in the interior.

Villa Sp13

Stylish details in precious materials

with faucet in burnished brass and skirting in the same material.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

Doors that go all the way to the ceiling

gives a beautiful and simple look.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

The doors are all equipped with an automatic drop seal,

which ensures that the door is completely sealed when closed.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

Fire door with integrated door closer

creates a seamless look and feel.

Carpenter's Collection oak interior doors from Vahle

When you step out of the elevator, you are greeted by a very special environment

in warm colors and exclusive materials.

Carpenter’s floor-to-ceiling doors create a characterful style and provide aesthetic comfort.

Soft materials and warm colors bring calm.

When you step out of the elevator on the 11th floor, you are immediately greeted by a very special environment. It feels like a whole new world you step into and you get a very special experience.

The entrance door, like all the other doors in the apartment, is made of solid oak in full height from floor to ceiling. The heaviness you feel when you open the door to the apartment mirrors the overall aesthetic experience you get throughout the apartment. All materials, furniture, fixtures, lighting design, etc. are carefully selected so that no matter what you touch or look at, you get a feeling of comfort and luxury.

“We wanted to create a new home where we feel comfortable and where we can relax and enjoy the surroundings (life), a bit like visiting a good hotel. We’ve tried to create a lounge atmosphere with soft materials and warm colors, because it gives a pleasant sense of calm.”

Owner says.

Solid oak doors create weight and verticality.

Vahles Carpenter’s doors are chosen with care in this apartment. Doors and frames are made of solid oak, and the vertical slats in the door leaf give a beautiful and elegant look with a verticality that emphasizes the high ceiling height. Owner says:

“We loved the Carpenter’s doors from the first time we saw them when we visited Vahle, and we still do. The doors are also one of the things that our guests notice as special when they come here. That’s why Vahle’s gets our highest recommendation.”

All the doors in the apartment are acoustic doors, and the entrance doors are also fire doors. They are all designed with concealed hinges, which are essential for creating calm and clean lines. When you look at the doors, you won’t notice if they are fire doors or not, as the design of the doors is the same regardless of the doors’ functionality.

Project details

Technical details


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