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Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle

Creates calm and simplicity in the modern building

In close collaboration with Dinesen, Vahle presents the LAYERS door, for which we have full exclusivity to use Dinesen Layers planks.

The focal point of modern construction today is tranquillity. Calmness in the form of simple lines and few, consistently high-quality materials. Calm is the new luxury.

Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle is our answer to that.

Carpenter's oak door

Oak and concrete are the recurring materials in this beautiful villa, with LAYERS doors making a heavy impression on the architecture.

Design, quality and sustainability

Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle is produced from Dinesen Layers planks in Classic Oak and designed by Baks Arkitekter. The idea for the door came from the idea of being able to use the shells from Dinesen floorboards for a door, thereby making the best possible use of the beautiful product.

The result is a door that is truly unique and excels fundamentally in three areas at the same time. It’s all about:

  • Surfaces
  • Minimalism
  • Sustainability

The door is made from Dinesen Layers planks in Classic Oak and designed by Baks Arkitekter.



New trend points to Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle in Douglas and ash

Oak has been the popular choice for several years as a light, Nordic wood species that fits well with the Nordic building and interior design style.

A new trend points to a greater willingness to try new wood species such as Douglas fir and ash. They are strong alternatives to oak, which is the wood of choice for many.

We have launched Dinesen LAYERS in Douglas fir and ash.

We expect these to be new, popular solutions for modern architecture with a focus on a sustainable neo-Nordic style in light, Nordic wood species that signal a close connection to nature.


Architect-designed villa with Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas Layers

In this modern villa, Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle in douglas create a sharp and luminous contrast to the dark, raw concrete.

The Carpenter's Collection

In this project, the large LAYERS doors become a warm and contrasting interior design element.

Nordic minimalist style doors

Behind the simple, minimalist look is a complex product that is based on thoughtful design, craftsmanship and solid material choices in all parts of the door. It allows you to:

Great door height. The long lines from the floorboards can be continued to the door, which can be produced up to 3 meters high.

Great flexibility. The door can be made in all door types and with all opening principles – regular hinges, pivot hinged or as a sliding door solution.

Sliding and overhead doors can be produced with integrated handles so that the door leaf appears completely unbroken.

Ability to meet both fire and sound requirements.

Exclusive surface that adds warmth and aesthetics

The beautiful, high-quality, precious wood adds warmth and aesthetics to its appearance. This is noticeable when you reach to open or close the door. At the same time, you’ll find that wood contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

With Dinesen Layers on the floor, you can take the style – plank by plank – from floor to door. The Layers door is made from Layers Classic Oak floorboards. This way, the same material for the floor and door can create consistency throughout the entire building.


Carpenter's oak door

The fine Dinesen Classic Oak stands out beautifully in the wide wooden planks.

A sustainable door solution

Dinesen floorboards are produced from wood sourced from intelligent forestry in the German Black Forest, which has been family-owned for centuries and managed with the deepest respect for the forest’s biodiversity.

Each Dinesen Layers floor plank is cut up so that one floor plank becomes three door planks. It’s good and sustainable use of wood.


Carpenter's Collection double door Zurface showroom

LAYERS can be produced with integrated handles as both pinhole and sliding doors

Carpenter's oak door

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Vahle doors are sold directly from our factory in Denmark.

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