Staircase doors

Custom-made fire and sound doors with respect for cultural heritage

Staircase doors are typically replaced because the original ones have become leaky or do not meet current fire regulations. With a Vahle Staircase door, you can get an exact replica of the original door and have it upgraded to a so-called climate door.

Entrance Staircase doors serve as doors into apartments and are typically a panel door with a classic look. With a Vahle entrance door, you can be sure that the cold and noises from the hallway won’t enter your apartment. Therefore, you won’t even notice the temperature differences that may be on the other side of the door after the replacement.

As with all Vahle Doors, an entrance door is made to measure and designed according to the customer’s wishes.

Fire doors
Sound doors
Security doors


Fire, sound and safety requirements

Preserve cultural heritage – even with climate doors

Don’t let the requirement for a climate door in the hallway prevent you from preserving or recreating the original, beautiful architecture.
At Vahle, we make doors in our joinery based on the classic virtues of craftsmanship. That’s why there are many options for doors for all types of apartments. We can either design Vahle climate doors as exact replicas of the old stairwell doors, or with the design you want – and always made to measure.

Our entrance doors are available as:

Fire door: EI30/BD30, EI60/BD60
Sound door: 30dB, 35dB
Security door: DS/EN 1627 RC2

This means that all functional requirements are covered within the European standard and you get a high level of security and safety without compromising the look of the door.

Classic entrance doors that preserve cultural heritage.

In a condominium staircase, the original staircase doors have been recreated, while the original, stately paneling has been preserved. New and old are beautifully integrated.

Made-to-measure interior doors as fire, sound and security doors

Vahle was originally created as a reaction to the rejection of panel doors. Svend Vahle Hansen, who founded Vahle in 1976, didn’t want to see the beautiful doors disappear. So he developed a panel door that is built 100% like the old doors, but upgraded with new fire and sound requirements.

All Vahle entrance doors are manufactured to comply with current fire safety and sound reduction regulations. We can also make the doors as security doors.

Original craftsmanship in contemporary quality

We are the only company in Denmark that can make exact replicas of the original panel doors while meeting fire and sound requirements. The drawing shows a cross-section of such a door. The key difference in construction is that we can perform profiling in the frame timber. This is the crucial element when it comes to preserving the original look and feel.

Door leaf panel door

A Vahle Panel door is made according to traditional craftsmanship principles with profiling in the frame wood

Staircase door classic

The original staircase doors have been restored in this staircase in a Copenhagen cooperative.

Apartment door with panels like the original panel doors

In an apartment building in a Copenhagen cooperative, they have chosen to renovate the building with a great sense of aesthetics. For example, the original glass filling was replaced with a grooved panel that symbolizes glass. In this way, they pay respect to the original design by rethinking the old doors.

Climate door ensures a warm apartment

Staircase doors are also known as “climate doors” as they are suitable for installation between a heated apartment and an unheated hallway. The temperature in the home must be stable, which is why it is important that the door to the hallway keeps the heat in the apartment.

Our climate door also protects against noise and odors from the hallway, which can sometimes be problematic in older properties.

Entrance doors Silkeborg Town Hall

In a staircase in Aarhus, Denmark, the doors were replaced with new staircase doors that match the original style of the house.

Classic panel doors

Panel door models

If you don’t have an exact door that you need a replica of, we’re happy to advise you on the design of the door. In our advice, we take into account the expression and architecture of the staircase, wishes for the number and design of the panels, glass in the panels, locks, fire, sound and security requirements and much more.

For your inspiration, we’ve put together some examples of different panel doors models that you can use as a starting point to begin a dialog.

What does a Vahle Staircase door cost?

As with all other Vahle doors, we also build our interior entrance doors to measure. This means we can build your doors to your measurements and customize the design and functional requirements exactly to suit your needs. At Vahle, we always create customized solutions based on your unique property. That’s why you can always be sure you’re getting the right door with us.

We sell the entrance door through either a timber merchant or carpenter. We take every inquiry as an invitation to talk to you about your building and the dreams and wishes you have for your door solutions.

Staircase door classic panel door door fire door acoustic door door

We can design a classic entrance door like this one according to your size, infill and functional requirements. We calculate a price based on your wishes and requirements.

Staircase door with panel and painted black

The door to the apartment is a fire door with glass.

Staircase doors that blend in with the original architecture

In this staircase, the original black color of the woodwork has been preserved on the new staircase doors, so they perfectly match the beautiful old staircase. There is glass in the upper part of the door, but you can’t see through it because there is a painted wooden panel on the other side of the door. The bottom panel is profiled like the panels on the original doors.

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