Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

Our “Rolls-Royce” door

The Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle door was developed in collaboration with Dinesen and architect Lars Vejen from Design Studio Lars Vejen. The door is unique in appearance, quality and construction. The solid wooden planks are the foundation for the unique design, which together with the door’s construction ensures a durable and stable door.

If you love the Nordic look, this wooden door will be a beautiful and unique element in your modern home.

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

At Hviidsminde Specialklinik they have chosen Dinesen HeartOak for their FRAMED doors.

Elegant wooden door in simple design and solid wood planks

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle combines the most luxurious and beautiful Dinesen wood planks on the market with Vahle’s solid and stable door construction. The door has a minimalist look, consisting of just two solid wooden planks. It also has concealed hinges, so the design is simple and the beautiful texture of the wood really comes into focus.

The door can be produced in 5 different types of Dinesen wood planks: Douglas (classic/natural), HeartOak, GrandOak (classic/natural).

See Dinesen Douglas here

See Dinesen HeartOak here



Floor to ceiling door

FRAMED was originally designed without the traditional frame above the door, emphasizing the length of the planks and the verticality of the architecture. This is because we can make the door from floor to ceiling without a top frame.

Photo: This stunning villa features Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle with floor-to-ceiling doors.

Design: Lars Vejen
Project: Ardess & Lars Vejen


Villa S55 Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

With floor-to-ceiling doors, a minimalist look is created where the beautiful oak wood comes into its own.

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

A high level of aesthetics with this door produced by Dinesen HeartOak with the characteristic loops. The doors are chosen so that they also serve as decoration in the waiting room of the specialist clinic Hviidsmindes.

Same finish for floor and door

FRAMED is designed with a vision to let the door and floor merge seamlessly. That’s why we always deliver the doors untreated, so that they can be given the same surface treatment as the floorboards, giving them the same look and feel.

It was a design-specific choice that the door and floor should have different finishes. So they chose to give the doors a matt oil finish to associate them with old oak church floors.

Nominated for the Danish Design Award

It was with great pride that Vahle, together with Studio Design Lars Vejen, was nominated for the Danish Design Award 2019 with Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle in the category “Feel Good”.

The jury said the following about the door:

The Dinesen door is an example of extraordinary design. The natural aesthetic of the wood is emphasized by the innovation of the door frame. It’s simple, beautiful, accessible and fascinating and can enhance the quality of both existing and new spaces.

Being nominated in the “Feel Good” category is a special honor. Because that’s the essence of what we strive to deliver with every Vahle door – doors for the good life; doors that help create spaces that are functional, full of life and enjoyable to be in.

Nordic Design - Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

The beautiful door handle from Buster + Punch matches the aesthetics of the door with the perfect weight, roughness and elegance.

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

The beautiful light Douglas fir wood creates a beautiful, warm and organic contrast to the raw details in white and concrete.

The warmth of wood as a contrast to the raw and minimalist

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle is a soft, organic and warm element for the modern building.

In this villa, owner chose a solution where the door contrasts with the raw concrete floors. In this case, it is constructed in a traditional frame, which provides a natural boundary to the floor and walls.


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Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle Mejlborg Basement

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