Blackbird Air

Curved fire doors fully integrated into oak panel wall.

Blackbird Air is a brand new and hugely ambitious terminal building, where everything is built with the extraordinary in mind.

The terminal building is cylindrical, built on six floors and stands out visually from its surroundings by rising approximately 20 meters into the air.

When you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by some very special and unique architectural solutions characterized by few high-quality materials and technically advanced choices.

Blackbird Air Charter buede branddøre i egetræ
Blackbird curved oak door

Curved door

in oak veneer

BlackBird curved doors oak

Doors and panels

in the same oak wood

Blackbird curved oak door

Exactly the same oak wood

for both door and panel wall

Blackbird oak door concealed door pump

Concealed door pump

makes the door look simple and sharp

BlackBird oak door

Oak and marble

are exclusive material choices

Oak door without threshold

Door without threshold

and continuous floors

Oak door with concealed hinges in black

Hidden, black hinges

that matches the marble wall

Oak door in glass wall

Oak door in glass wall

appears almost like an obelisk

Oak door in glass wall

Oak doors with reverse opening

Makes the doors lie flush with the glass wall

Oak door in oak environment

Doors that are fully integrated into the wall panel

for a complete look and feel

Oak doors integrated

Door and wall panels

is made from oak wood from the same manufacturer

Oak doors integrated

Oak is one of the few materials

in a building that exudes quality and good solutions

The doors are a spectacular contribution to an extraordinary and ambitious architectural project

Curved doors surrounding the stairs

In the center of the cylindrical building is a circular staircase and around it are different types of rooms. This means that everything rounds, even the doors that face outwards.

Oak doors take center stage in large glass area

This door section stands almost like an obelisk in the large glass wall.

The entire building is characterized by lots of light and transparency. The doors are straight and completely flush with the glass walls.

Oak doors in striking contrast to marble

The golden oak wood contrasts beautifully and calmly against walls clad in a unique and striking dark marble.

The concealed door pump ensures a simple, elegant and uncompromising answer to door automation.

Project details

Technical details


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