Nordic Forest Selection

Bifold doors in a modern and timeless design

Nordic Forest Selection cultivates the Nordic expression in the form of simple design and natural materials. Doors from the 1920s are the inspiration for the design, which has been given a look that is both modern and timeless.

We produce the door in Nordic wood species. You can get it as a wooden door or as a wooden door with glass.

Nordic Forest Selection glass and oak

Oak glass door in a solid oak frame is a truly beautiful, simple and aesthetic solution that fits perfectly with the Nordic style

Modern panel doors

With Nordic Forest Selection, we’ve reimagined the classic panel door suit a more minimalist and Nordic building style. Available in the Nordic wood species: oak, elm, ash and walnut, as well as painted wooden doors.

We produce the door with panels in either wood or glass.

Solid wood doors in Nordic style

The Nordic building and interior design style opens up alternatives to a classic white painted flush door in terms of expression and material choice. We produce Nordic Forest Selection in Nordic wood species because it suits modern construction.

If you choose solid wood panels, you’ll experience the joy of bringing the outdoors in, while getting a stable door that will last for generations. For a lighter look or a more transparent solution, you can opt for glass panels.

Check out our flush doors if you want a wooden door without panels.


Nordic Forest Selection

Nordic Forest Selection is available in solid wood in Nordic wood species with or without glass.

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Nordic Forest Selection

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