Pivot doors

Architectural doors that raise the bar

The pivot door is a work of art in itself. It gives you a sense of quality and stability when you open and close it. It only takes a simple push to open and close a Vahle Pivot door.

Vahle Pivot doors are uniquely constructed with almost invisible hinges in the floor and ceiling. It’s an aesthetic and functional solution that can be installed easily, even in existing buildings.

Vahle can make pivot doors in large sizes, giving you great flexibility in terms of your project and requirements.

Pivot door and Carpenter's oak door

The oak and glass pivot door is simple and stylish, while providing maximum comfort and functionality in a modern villa.

A pivot door is easy to install in existing buildings

A Vahle Pivot Door requires just two pintle hinges to install: one that sits on the top and one that sits on the floor. The hardware can support very heavy doors, yet they are very minimalistic so you hardly notice them. The hinges require so little space that they can also be installed in floors with underfloor heating installed.

With no frame, there is full focus on the door leaf itself and this also means that the pivot door is extremely suitable for installation in existing buildings.

A pivot door gives space in the room

Just like with sliding doors, the pivot door allows air to circulate in the room. When open, it sits flush with the wall and takes up no floor space. The door can be held in three positions, making it possible to open the door to both rooms.

The choice of material and design depends on whether you want the pivot door to be a decoration in itself or if you want it to “disappear” into the architecture.

Pivot door white

White, smooth pivot doors bring calm and shift the focus to the architecture and views in this modern splendor villa.

Pivot doors Copenhagen Plant Science Centre pine

At the Copenhagen Plant Science Centre (Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen), they have chosen pine pivot doors clad in pine wood, which dissipates heat in the corridor area.

The pivot door integrates into the wall

Pivot doors can be integrated into the wall by using the same material for both the door and the wall. This way, the door visually disappears in the room and you achieve a wallpaper effect with identical surfaces on the door and wall.

The look of the door depends on the surface you choose for the door. For example, you can choose wood or painted.

Pivot door as a movable wall

We can make our pivot-hung doors without a frame, giving the door a simple, minimalist look that suits modern architecture.

The pivot door is easy to move even in large sizes and has the character of a movable wall that can easily close off a part of the house or function in a hallway.

ECCO pivot door

The four pivot doors act as a wall when closed and as an opening between the meeting room and the main room when open.

Oak and glass pine door Idealhuse

This oak and glass pivot door matches the house interior in the architect-designed show house.

Vahle Pivot door – an aesthetic choice for the modern home

In modern homes with large and open spaces, a pivot door, with its natural discreet nature, can be an aesthetic yet functional architectural solution.

The door can be produced in large sizes and is ideal for rooms where the door has an important function whether it is closed or open.

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Oak pine doors ECCO Global Marketing Headquarters

At Tietgenkollegiet, doors and walls form a unified work of art with surfaces in printed plywood.

Pivot door oak and glass

What is the cost of a Vahle pivot door?

Vahle pivot doors vary greatly in price – depending on material, design, dimensions and hinge choice.

We are always happy to provide a price estimate based on your project and requirements.

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