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In a time when quiet and space for reflection, focus and in-depth work are essential, it’s important to create the right environments that facilitate what’s needed. At Vahle, we can produce a soundproof door that has a significant noise-reducing effect and whose aesthetics contribute to well-functioning spaces that can provide a framework for a good life.

This is a soundproof door experience where design and function meet in a solid door that makes it difficult for sound to penetrate. Our sound doors are created based on our craftsmanship expertise, which is built on decades of experience in the joinery trade, where we have chosen to focus solely on the door itself. Therefore, you can expect a door for your project that represents the best in design, quality of materials and thoughtful functionality in our technical doors that don’t compromise on aesthetics.

Svinkløv Badehotel panel doors

When Svinkløv Badehotel was rebuilt, it was with great respect for the original seaside hotel. One of the details was that there would be no sound doors, but instead Vahle panel doors with mild sound insulation. The reason was that they wanted to preserve the authentic atmosphere where you can follow the action life that going on outside the doors, without being able to hear the details.

What is the difference between a sound door and a soundproof door?

When you buy a Vahle door, it is basically made with what we call “mild sound insulation”. In many cases, it provides adequate sound attenuation. In other cases, there may be regulatory requirements or particularly challenging acoustic issues that require a certified sound door.

Door with mild sound acoustics

In a Vahle door, we use seals in the frame and, where possible, with an automatic bottom seal. The seals we use are of the highest quality and are the same as the ones we use in the certified sound doors.

Certified soundproof door 30/35 dB

A certified acoustic door reduces noise almost completely, making it completely soundproof. The soundproof doors have a door leaf construction that, in addition to the use of seals in the frame and at the bottom of the door leaf, provides complete soundproofing.

Automatic bottom seals with comfort

The soundproof doors have a door leaf construction that, in addition to the use of sealing strips in the frame and at the bottom of the door leaf, provides complete soundproofing. But just like all the other technical details of a high comfort door, there are two key factors that add comfort to the door solution:

  • The automation means that the seal is raised when the door is opened. This prevents the strip from dragging across the floor.
  • The seals can be adjusted to fit the floor. This means it can be made to fit exactly when the door is installed.
Door with automatic bottom seals

An automatic bottom seal that raises when the door opens and lowers when it closes.

Oak door glass

Even as a glass door, you can achieve a soundproofing effect.

A soundproof door that makes a difference

Sound shapes our lives, along with all the other impressions we’re exposed to throughout the day. That’s why good design makes a significant difference. One of the mainstays of the Danish design philosophy, especially in architecture and utility design, is functionalism, where form follows function. This is particularly satisfying for people who use the door on a daily basis – because it is the function of the door that makes a significant difference compared to a regular door.

Premium soundproof doors for both residential and commercial applications

That’s why many people have enjoyed using our soundproof door in various environments where it can be beneficial to control sound as much as possible without compromising the architectural and interior design vision. With our solid doors, you can create spaces that offer better concentration, focus and privacy, whether in the workplace, hallway or home.

The doors that create a happy and calm environment in the home

In private homes, it can be beneficial to be able to retreat and enjoy a quiet moment more than is possible elsewhere in the house. For example, in the workroom or in a creative studio where it’s important to be able to work relatively undisturbed at all hours of the day and night, even when the rest of the family is at home.

Soundproof doors that create the framework for good conversation

In the workplace, it’s often important to have a space where you can have a confidential conversation and know that it will remain confidential to the parties involved. Here, it’s a gift to know that the concept of behind closed doors actually means you get a discretion that can be felt. It helps maintain a productive, constructive and professional atmosphere, whether it’s a space for important meetings, negotiation or personal conversations.

Technical specifications of our sound doors

Our sound doors are available with sound insulation in different classes. The classification is 30 dB and 35 dB respectively. With a sound-absorbing door that reduces noise by 30 dB, you get a door that is good at isolating the sound of a normal-level conversation. The door with a sound insulation of 35 dB can soundproof significantly more noise.

The 5 dB difference between the two classes may not seem like much on paper. It’s important to note that a 3 dB reduction in volume is equivalent to halving the loudness of the sound. As an architect or contractor, you can of course read more about the specifications of our sound doors and view drawings that provide insight into the construction of the different doors.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us. We can help you with the information you need for fire, sound and safety design.

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