Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle

Minimalist and elegant villa.

Light, air, dimensions, materials and sensuality have been the focal points in the creation of a home that will be a base for the good life. Very few materials have been used, and one of the materials is oak. The style draws inspiration from the minimalist look of the 60s.

The house is designed by Rasmus Baks from Baks Arkitekter. In the process of designing the house, the design for a new door also emerged: Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle. In close collaboration with Dinesen Vahle has gained exclusivity to use Dinesen Layers planks for the doors.



LAYERS framed by Vahle In Situ Baks
Oak door glass

Tall doors in Dinesen Oak

With solid but simple oak frames

Oak door glass

Corridor with high doors

gives the experience of extra headroom

Oak door glass

Door with integrated handle

gives a special minimalist look

Brass hinges oak door

Integrated handle

Designed to be simple but also work well

Oak door glass

Wood feels good

and you get that feeling with the integrated handle

Oak door glass

The door is beautifully framed

in oak

Oak door

A small and simple grip

can be used even on such a large and massive door

Oak door glass

Oak wood for warmth

for the stylish architecture

Oak door glass

Doors with sound reduction

Makes sense with teenagers in the house

Oak door glass

Invisible hinges

In the same color as the concrete walls

Minimalism meets high functionality

“I’ve gone for a sense of calm in my home. It should be a base for the good life. I’ve created peace by cutting out everything unnecessary, because by cutting out the noise you can release energy for other things.”

Rasmus Bak explains.


The doors are minimalist in their expression in that the beautiful grain structure of the wood stands out and not much else. Simple door handles have been chosen so as not to disturb. Similarly, concealed hinges have also been chosen. The doors are produced with comfort sound reduction for the benefit of both adults and teenagers in the house.

Project details


Technical details


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