Exclusive oak doors

adds weight to modern construction.

Step inside a house where the doors are very much a part of the architecture. The house is built in a modern style with large white surfaces that are gently broken up by oak doors and

The oak doors in the house have been allowed to dominate and make their mark in their own way. The oak and glass pillar door has been chosen to maximize the beautiful view whether the door is open or closed. The sliding door that connects the kitchen and staircase is made in the same design as the pillar door. Finally, the client has chosen solid oak doors for all other doors as Carpenter’s Collection Model I.

PInolddøre i eg
Pine door in oak and Carpenter's

Pillar door in glass and oak

Creates light and transparency in the house

Pillar door in oak and glass

The door is hinged to the ceiling

with a small and minimalistic pivot hinge

Pillar door in oak and glass

The floor hinge is simple and almost invisible

in perfect match to the Heart Oak door

Pillar door in oak and glass

When the door is open

the door blends elegantly into the interior

Oak and glass sliding door and Carpenter's doors

Sliding glass door creates light and transparency

While the solid oak doors add a design statement to the entrance area

Glass door with oak wood

Sliding door in glass and oak

With simple and elegant integrated door handle

Glass door with oak wood

Beautiful sliding door

That disappears into the wall when closed

Carpenter's oak doors

The two oak doors in the Carpenter’s Collection design

Serves as decoration in the home cinema room

Carpenter's oak doors

The door handle with integrated rosette was developed together with Randi.

Here “Komé” – custom made with a black surface.

Carpenter's oak doors

Carpenter’s Collection door

with concealed brass hinges

Carpenter's oak doors and oak front door

Three Carpenter’s Collection interior doors in oiled oak

are made as sound doors

Alfa front door from Je-wood

Front door in oak

Is a model Alfa from JE-Træ

Pillar door with invisible door pump

The European oak and glass pillar door has a central position in the house. First and foremost, the door allows a unique view of nature that can be enjoyed from the moment you step into the hallway.


“Technically, the door is relatively complex. The 150 x 263 cm size alone was challenging. In addition, it is designed with an invisible door pump, which provides great functionality – completely invisible,” explains Sales Manager Bo Vejen.

The door pump makes it easy and silent to close the large, heavy door.

Sales Manager Bo Elkjær Vejen

“We found Vahle by chance during an online search. We were looking for something extraordinary that would add warmth and edge to our house. After visiting Vahle and seeing, feeling and touching the doors, we were sold.”


Oak doors available as sliding doors, pinold doors and Carpenter’s Collection doors.

Oak doors that provide warmth and add edge

“We wanted oak doors that provide warmth and add an edge to the house. We got it – exactly as we wanted it, and it’s the doors that the guests in the house typically stumble upon,” says the developer.


Also note the beautiful oak front door from JE-Træ.

It’s all about the small details

For the hinged doors, the client chose an attractive and simple look for the door handle, which is finished in black. The rosette is integrated into the door, making both the door and door handle look light and elegant.

Carpenter’s Collection in European Oak

“In the beginning, we only intended to have the beautiful Carpenter’s Collection in the entrance. But, we were so excited that we ended up choosing them for the rest of the house as well.”

explains the developer.

The doors from Carpenter’s Collection are made from European oak. They have been oiled, which gives a particularly nice glow to the beautiful structure of the oak wood. All doors are made as sound doors.

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