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Extraordinary white smooth doors

Bring harmony to a house with tasteful and thoughtful details.

In the deep, quiet tranquility of the forest… a new and modern house has been built that blends harmoniously with the unique nature in a beautiful and respectful way. All the doors are smooth, white painted doors, but they are anything but “just” smooth doors.

The harmony continues as you open the doors to the 400 m2 villa. Both the materials and the interior design leave a very calm atmosphere.

Hvid pinoldør
White, smooth door

The stylish new villa

are built into the surrounding nature.

White pine door

A pinned door creates connection

between the living room and bedroom hallway.

White pine door

WHEN the pinhole door is closed

it creates cohesion in the living room.

White, smooth, inverted doors

The smooth doors blend in with the hallway,

with the door flush with the wall.

White, smooth door

A smooth, white painted pine door,

which opens up to beautiful views of the lake and forest.

Large sliding doors

Behind the extremely large sliding door

there’s a bar.

White, smooth sliding door

With a closed sliding door

the bar and a small “office” disappear.

White, smooth sliding door

Sliding door with Soft Close and integrated handles

provides a solution that works easily and smoothly.

White, smooth doors

The view of the beautiful nature is well thought out

wherever you are in the house.

White, smooth doors

The minimalist doors are inward opening and do not “interfere” with the walking area,

which is possible with our reverse door principle.

Minimalist and discreet doors

The smooth white painted doors lie completely flat with the hallway wall. It provides a clean and unbroken wall surface – minimalist and discreet. That detail is possible because they are built with our “reverse door” construction principle. This means that the door and frame are level with the wall. The doors open into the rooms, so the hallway always appears with the door and wall in a clean line.

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The doors to the children’s rooms are also made as soundproof doors – a detail that reveals that all solutions are well thought out.

Sliding doors add functionality to rooms

A sliding door can do something special. It can be used as a room divider and as a screen, among other things. And it’s possible for us to make sliding doors in extremely large sizes, like this one. The sliding door in this house has many functions. When you open one sliding door, you open up to a large and well-equipped bar. When you open the second part of the sliding door, you open to a small office. With the sliding doors closed, you get a clean and simple hallway where the “secret” rooms are hidden away.

Pivot-hung doors solve the desire for large doors

When you want a really big door, like in this house where it’s 130 x 260 cm, a hinged door is not a functional option. It is, however, a pin-hung door. A pin-hung door like this is hinged to the floor and ceiling, so it doesn’t require a frame. This means that the door hole is completely filled with the door leaf. When the door is open, you can enjoy a stunningly beautiful view and every centimeter that the door frame would have taken counts.

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Vahle can make pinned doors in large sizes, giving you great flexibility in terms of your project and requirements.

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