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Interior doors with frame

At Vahle, we want to create a special experience with our various interior door designs. That’s why nothing is left to chance. This applies to all aspects of the door. In this way, it’s often not the door leaf alone that makes the difference – but the interplay between it, hinges, door handles and frames.

Because we process the wood ourselves in our workshop in Denmark, we can create unique solutions that you can use to shape spaces where everything is in harmony, creating a cohesive architectural experience in line with the Danish design tradition.

Get inspired by our gallery of different door solutions

Smooth oak door

Note the beautiful, deep oak frames that contribute significantly to the overall look of the door solution. ECCO.

Bespoke doors based on traditional Danish craftsmanship traditions

While it’s typically the large and beautiful surface of the leaf that draws the most attention, it’s the interaction of all the elements of the door that creates the experience of comfort, quality and aesthetics that Vahle doors are known for.

The experience includes a special tactile sensation when you close the door and hear the satisfying sound associated with the solid wood construction of the door leaf and frame. It’s an experience that characterizes our approach, our craftsmanship and values that rest heavily on the Danish design philosophy, where functionality, simplicity and the aesthetics of materials are paramount.

We give you the option to configure your own interior door with frame

The door frame is an important transition between the door and the rest of the room. That’s why we’ve also created some aesthetic solutions that give you the opportunity to get a design that contributes to the overall look.

Since we manufacture our doors from scratch, you have the opportunity to determine the design of the door yourself. We make interior doors with custom-made frames, and as with the door, you can choose whether you want the frame to retain the natural look of materials such as oak and Douglas fir, or whether we deliver them as solid wood frames painted in a specific RAL color. We adapt the frames to the thickness of the wall, so they fit both thick and thin walls.

In doing so, we help you get framed interior doors that realize your vision of style and space and create the architectural universe of your dreams.

See selected configuration options with price examples

Flush doors with linoleum

Private villa. Flush door with linoleum to match the house’s oak-framed kitchen.

Vahle Blackbird 3 3

Blackbird Air. Oak door with solid oak door frame mounted in a marble-clad wall.

Get advice and guidance to get the doors you want

We want to make sure you get exactly the doors you need. That’s why you can also contact us if you have any questions or requests. Call us on +45 86 37 24 77 or send us a message through the contact form outside of our opening hours. We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

You are also welcome to visit our showroom. Here you can take a closer look at the availability of interior doors with frames in both classic and modern designs. Please contact us before you arrive so we can show you around properly.

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Vahle doors are sold directly from our factory in Denmark.

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