Oak doors with linoleum and Carpenter’s Collection

blends in with the other elements of the villa.

In an attractive location in East Jutland, close to the water, a 1960s villa has been extensively renovated. Holistic and coherent solutions were keywords for the client when choosing new solutions.

In this way, the interior doors in the house are designed with a desire to create a connection to other elements in the house. The choice fell on linoleum doors with oak edges that play exactly with a Garde Hvalsøe carpenter’s kitchen in oak with linoleum fronts.

On the first floor, a door from Carpenter’s Collection was chosen, which with its slats interacts with other interiors.

Egetræsdør med linoleum
Carpenter's oak doors

The comeback from the grip Randi completes the elegance of the door,

with the small integrated rosette specially developed in collaboration with Randi.

Carpenter's oak door

Oak wood creates warmth,

and is a noble and beautiful material.

Carpenter's oak door

The beautiful oak wood has been surface treated,

to create a complete coherence with the rest of the interior.

Carpenter's door in solid oak

The beautiful handle with a small integrated rosette

completes the simple and elegant design.

Carpenter's door in solid oak

Carpenter’s Collection Model II

is designed by Vahle’s own master carpenter.

Carpenter's oak door

The Carpenter’s Door has become iconic in the house,

and acts as a piece of furniture.

Villa Mt 23 3 Carpenter's Collection model II oak door

Doors without bottom step,

maximizes both functionality and elegance.

Linoleum door with oak

The newly developed door with linoleum and oak

creates unity in the house.

Oak door with linoleum

The doors all have mild sound insulation and no bottom step,

which allows the floors to blend into the rooms.

Villa Mt 28 3b

The beautiful Komé door handle is chosen for all doors,

because of its design elegance and because it’s nice to the touch.

Je-Tree solid oak front door

The front door is an oak door from Je-Tree,

is the foundation of a striking entrance hall.

Linoleum door with oak frame concealed hinges

The doors are made with concealed, black-painted hinges,

to match the colors of the charcoal linoleum and the rest of the interior.

High-quality doors are one of the most important decisions in the home.

Wholeness and coherence are key

The dream of new doors in the large villa started in the kitchen.

“We chose an oak kitchen with linoleum fronts from Garde Hvalsøe. When we visited Garde Hvalsøe in their showroom in Aarhus, we were also introduced to the Vahle doors used there” explains the developer and continues, “together with Vahle we developed and designed a new type of door that exactly mirrors the kitchen”.

The solid wooden doors are built with an oak frame and are lined with linoleum. It is exactly the same linoleum that is used in the kitchen, and which is also used for the numerous other cabinets and wardrobes in the house.


“The doors help create the common thread in the house. We think that’s important, and it’s hugely satisfying to tinker with your doors.”

The solid oak door and solid oak frames are eye-catching

On the 1st floor of the house, the client has chosen a Carpenter’s Collection door. The door is also designed with coherence and unity in mind, as the lines of the door clearly reference a striking slatted cupboard on the floor.

The deep, solid oak frames and the whole look of the door won the builder’s heart,

“it’s the most beautiful door I’ve ever seen, it’s so aesthetically pleasing, and you can just see and feel that it’s high quality” says the developer and continues, guests in the house often notice the doors. Especially the deep, solid oak frames get lots of comments like “they’re just delicious””.

When the builder recently sold his house, the doors were one of the things the buyer noticed.

“The doors have been worth the money in every way, we are extremely satisfied, and I am absolutely certain that I will have Vahle Doors in my next house as well.”

Solid oak front door

“When my brother got a Je-Træ front door from Vahle, I already thought that I should have one in my new house”.

And so it was in this house. The front door of the house was a Je-Træ oak door, which makes a striking impression on the house from the first glance and helps to form the common thread in the house.

“The doors, kitchen and our microcement flooring are the best choices we’ve made in this house. I’ve learned that doors are a really big part of the house and it’s a big mistake not to prioritize them.”

Quote: Builder.

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