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Let the light in with interior glass doors and glass front doors

At Vahle, we have decades of experience in creating different interior doors that fit architecturally with the specific spaces being worked with. This also applies to internal glass doors, which we can supply in a wide range of designs. Here we help you produce French doors or other custom-designed joinery solutions that connect two rooms in the optimal way. And because we make every glass door in our own workshop, there are countless possibilities to get a design that fits your vision for any room you want to put your unique architectural stamp on.

Multiple glass door variants with the same aesthetic basis

All our solid glass doors can be made to measure and have a high quality that is based on both the craftsmanship and the natural materials we use when producing a Vahle Glass Door from scratch. It’s a quality that can be seen and felt. Because we always work from a thorough design philosophy based on simplicity and functionality. We provide glass doors that create a great story with an open space with lots of light and a sense of space that invites you to use it the way you intended. That’s why we hope you’ll contact us if you’d like to hear about the different glass doors we can create that can make a difference to your interior design.


French doors as sliding doors in a classic villa

Glass doors for an open office environment or the home

We can create solutions for the office, the classically styled villa or the modern interior where a single door can make all the difference. For example, a French door or a sliding glass door that suits the type of room separation you want. We have variants to suit private living rooms en-suite and buildings where meetings are held. It’s almost only your understanding of the function of the rooms that sets the limits. Because together we can always find a good solution that perfectly suits your wishes and needs in a construction project.

Create light between all your rooms

Glass doors are an important element in architecture as they create a special cohesion between rooms. Through the use of a glass door, you get a clear sense of openness as natural light can flow freely from one room to another. Therefore, you can often benefit from good daylight for longer, which often provides something different than artificial light. This creates a more natural space – this is especially true in many of our own designs, where we have allowed the good materials of nature to shine through.

Often glass doors also allow you to enjoy the outdoors more, as the view naturally spreads to other rooms in your home, giving you an even greater sense of space, airiness and openness. That’s why most of our interior glass doors are produced in a high-quality, minimalist design, so you always get the best out of the doors in your interior design. A Vahle Glass Door is beautiful, functional and gives you an optimal combination of light and practical design that interact in a clean and elegant expression.


Oak door as a glass door
Sankt Mortens Kirke 15a2404

See and experience the unique aesthetics of our glass doors

Here on our website, you can explore our online project gallery and find inspiration on how you can use our glass doors to connect two rooms or to let a lot of light into smaller rooms that often go dark without glass. As you’ll see, the possibilities are endless, and it’s also a testament to our ability to realize your design ideas and visions for glass doors in a simple design that contributes to the overall look of the building.

Below you can see selected examples of successful glass door solutions we have helped create. These include interior doors with glass and beautiful facade doors that use glass sections or cut-outs as an effective element to give the door a specific utility value.

A classic French door as a sliding door in a patrician villa

Glass door in a well-functioning combination with glass partitions

Golden oak doors with glass panels on either side

Find more examples in our project gallery. Once you’ve clicked into the site, you can use the menu on the left to sort by door type. Here you will find, among other things, the glass door option.

Contact us to learn more about our glass doors

Are you inspired to learn more about how we can produce a glass door that creates value for you and your construction project? Feel free to get in touch with us. With the ability to create glass doors based on your specific wishes, a good result starts with an open dialog with us. You are also very welcome to visit our showroom in Mørke, Djursland, where you can get a feel for the benefits of choosing our glass doors.

Classic French doors and transom with faceted glass

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