Sct. Mortens Kirke – Flush wooden doors

in a modern extension to the old church.

Sct. Mortens Kirke in Randers dates from the end of the 15th century. The church has had an extension built, bringing the church office and church under one roof.

The building was designed by VMB Architects, who chose Vahle to produce the flush wooden doors.

Sankt Mortens Kirke 15a2404
St. Morten's Church oak doors with glass

The flush oak doors in the modern extension

creates a connection between old and new.

St. Morten's Church oak doors with glass

The large glass side panels are made with fire glass,

so that the door section meets requirements for both fire and sound protection.

St. Morten's Church oak doors with glass

The golden oak tree

is beautiful and harmonious with the old brickwork.

St. Morten's Church oak doors with glass

Door handles, hinges and doorsteps are made of brass,

which makes the door look particularly strong.

Saint Morten's Church oak doors

The beautiful golden expression of oak

matches the other materials in the interior perfectly.

St. Morten's Church oak doors with glass

The church’s flush doors oak flush doors create warmth in the extension

and is a nice contrast to the rugged walls.

St. Morten's Church oak doors with glass

Hinges in brass

is one of the well-chosen details of the doors.

St. Morten's Church oak doors with brass

The concealed door closer

ensures a clean and minimalist look.

Sankt Mortens Kirke 15a2527

Glass and windows

brings light and transparency to the church premises.

The flush oak doors create a harmonious connection between the old church and the new extension.

Interior doors inhibit fire and sound

Vahle supplied 22 interior doors for the majestic red brickwork church. 15 of the doors have built-in fire and sound requirements and access control.

The solid doors are produced with oak veneer on the door leaves and solid oak frames.

In addition to the doors, glass sections with fire glass and side and transom glass transom built into oak frames were supplied.

Wooden doors with brass door handles

The wooden doors have brass hinges, door handles and doorsteps. This golden material complements the warm wooden surface of the door.

When the door handle and hardware are made of the same material, it creates a beautiful connection, which makes the door look even stronger.

Flush doors make the architect happy

Bruno Viuf Larsen, architect at VMB Arkitekter, says that

Vahle produced the flush doors exactly as the company wanted, which is very satisfying. At the same time, Vahle’s doors meet all fire, sound and functional requirements, while both delivery and service are top-notch.

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