Classic interior doors

in a completely modernized patrician villa.

These are gourmet solutions in a completely modernized version of a classic 1930s patrician villa, where Vahle supplied the interior doors for the ground floor and lower ground floor, as well as an exterior door in the lower ground floor.

Classic doors were chosen for the ground floor to support the original architecture of the house, while modern, flush doors were chosen for the lower floor.

The renovation of this villa is an excellent example of how transformation can preserve historical heritage in a sustainable and responsible way. The historical architectural heritage is carried on with the utmost respect under modern building standards, while the modern architecture and the client’s personal style unfold without losing the original architecture of the house.

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Skydedøre franske døre i klassisk villa
Classic sliding doors as French doors

Classic French doors as sliding doors

they connect the kitchen-dining room with one of the adjacent living rooms.

Sliding door

The hidden rail at the top

allows the door to slide flush and unobtrusively.

French doors with faceted glass

Narrow glazing bars and faceted glass

are elegant and historically authentic details.

French doors as sliding doors in a classic villa

Round sliding door handles in brass

for a simple and beautiful look.

French doors as sliding doors in a classic villa

The open sliding doors

lets the spaces flow together.

French doors as sliding doors in a classic villa

When the sliding door is closed,

the rooms are divided and get a nice amount of light.

French doors as sliding doors in a classic villa

Whether the door is open or closed

there is a good connection between the rooms.

French doors and panel doors in a classic villa

The house’s hallway emphasizes the classic elegance of the house

with historically authentic panel doors and French door.

Single panel door with one panel

The stylish panel door with one large panel

is a simple and stylish choice.

Single panel door with one panel

The classic yet simple style

is beautifully emphasized with the Arne Jacobsen AJ98 door handle in brass.

Single panel door with one panel

Panel door with one large panel

matches the classic style with the modern kitchen.

JE-Træ front door that fits the style of a classic villa

Exterior door from Je-Træ with Arne Jacobsen AJ111 door handle in brass

A classic look outdoors and modern indoors.

Flush, modern doors

The lower floor is excavated with high ceilings

with modern doors and interiors.

Flush, modern doors

The flush, modern doors

are made as sound doors with automatic sealing strips and without threshold.

Transformation of a patrician villa with both modern and classic interior doors.

French double doors create coherence

In the center of the house, between the kitchen/dining room and an adjacent living room, a classic French sliding door has been made as a double door. The fine details of the door appear elegant when the door is closed or partially closed, while when open, the door disappears into the wall on invisible rails.

Beveled glass is one of the beautiful details of the French door, giving the door a particularly elegant and authentic look.

Classic doors in the simplest design

Throughout the ground floor, the owner has opted for panel doors with one large panel. It is a type of panel doors that matches the 1930s architecture of the house with clean, simple lines that also reflect the architectural style of the time, where scaffolding was added to the architecture.

The beautiful Arne Jacobsen brass door handles perfectly match the architecture of the house and are a consistent choice for both classic and modern doors, creating a cohesive factor.

When the historic Hotel Randers was to be rebuilt, historically authentic single panel panel doors were also chosen.

Completely modern lower floor

The exterior architecture of the villa has been carefully preserved, but if you go downstairs, the original basement has been converted into a modern home with high ceilings. The impression on the new floor is like stepping into a modern house. That’s why owner also chose modern, flush doors that, with their simple expression, allow the other material choices on the floor and interior to stand out.

The modern doors, on the other hand, offer full comfort that matches the other exclusive material choices. The doors are made as acoustic doors with automatic seals and without threshold. The sound doors provide maximum privacy for the teenagers in the house, to the delight of both themselves and the adults in the house. Doors without thresholds make the beautiful floors look even better, as the floor tiles are continuous between rooms.

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