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Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle doors with Douglas fir like floors

contributes to special architectural experiences in a stylish new villa.

A great love of Douglas fir has informed the design of this architect-designed villa. It is the only wood species used in the house, and both the floor and doors in the house are made with Dinesen Douglas floorboards. The 30 cm wide floorboards are a prominent element in the architecture of the house, both in terms of flooring and doors. The client wanted the look of the wooden doors to be exactly the same as the floors.

Although there are no hardwood floors throughout the house, the Dinesen Layers by Vahle Douglas fir doors are the common element.

The story of the doors is very special, as they are the first doors Vahle has had produced with Douglas Dinesen planks. The deal with Dinesen came about because of this particular house. We agreed on a special cut of the wood to give the customer exactly the same look as the floors.



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Villa with modern new Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas

On the basement floor, the doors create a dramatic effect and contrast with the raw concrete walls

well supported by light/dark effects.

Villa with modern new Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas

The beautiful, light-colored Douglas fir

adds light and warmth to the dark concrete walls.

Architect-designed villa with Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas

Contrasts between dark/light and hard/soft

brings harmony and aesthetic elegance to the room.

Villa with modern new Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas

Douglas fir is the only wood species used in the house.

The door consists of three Dinesen Douglas planks that have the same width as the planks in the floor.

Architect-designed villa with Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas Layers

Door leaf and frame made from Douglas fir

with the beautiful Komé handle from Randi.

Villa MS Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle doors with douglas

Nature inside and out.

The beautiful, light-colored wood in perfect harmony with the nature outside.

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle with Douglas fir in true Nordic style

Beautiful Nordic architecture through and through

created through contrasts between the raw concrete and warm, soft materials.

Architect-designed villa with Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas Layers

The top floor of the villa is characterized by light, air and warmth,

where the doors stand out beautifully in the yellow brick walls.

Villa with modern new Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas

All doors are made with invisible hinges,

here made as a door with a reverse opening.

Villa with modern new Vahle doors in Dinesen Douglas

The doors are all made as doors with mild sound insulation,

secured with sealing strips of the same caliber as those used in a certified Vahle Sound Door.

Doors as either standalone architectural elements or integrated into the architecture.

Douglas fir and concrete create an intense and dramatic atmosphere

Downstairs in the basement is a very special experience. The atmosphere is characterized by in-situ cast concrete that creates a masculine, raw setting. The room lighting is designed by a lighting designer who uses spotlights to define high contrasts between light and dark. When you step out of the light, you stand in the darkness and the cones of light guide you through the rooms.

The light-colored Douglas doors are illuminated, emphasizing the effect of the doors. With the light, beautiful texture of the wood, they stand in stark contrast to the dark concrete walls. The doors, like plants, carpets and skins, provide a soft counterpoint to the darkness.

The upper floor’s large, bright, warm space gets Douglas fir doors that blend in

The top floor of the house is a completely new and different experience. You almost feel like you’re walking out into nature with a view of the sea and the treetops right outside the windows. Where the lower floor was dark and dramatic, the upper floor is light and warm.

The same doors blend naturally into the light interior and the wide floorboards are mirrored in the doors. The door handles are Randi’sbeautiful and stylish Komé in brushed steel.

Sales Manager Bo Vejen has followed the building process closely from the very beginning to the finished result, and says:

“The customer had ambitions for the doors to mirror the Dinesen floors 1:1. That’s why a veneered Douglas fir door wasn’t quite “good enough”. The wood had to be cut in the same way as the floor and the planks had to be repeated in the doors. This was the starting point for us to enter into another collaboration with Dinesen for a special cut for our Dinesen Layers by Vahle doors.”

Consistent materials create calm and coherence

A house like this, with its many details and subtleties, is still characterized by a sense of calm and coherence created by using wood as a material throughout. In addition to doors and flooring, all other wood in the house is also made from Douglas fir, from molded ceilings, staircases, bathroom and kitchen interiors to overhangs and outdoor decking.

Dinesen is a supplier for both doors and floors, which provides both peace of mind and assurance that the expression of the wood in these elements develops harmoniously.

The doors in the house look different depending on where they are placed. The basement plays with the senses and the doors become an element of the experience. The upstairs doors blend naturally into the white walls and yellow brick walls, creating a harmonious interplay between the nature outside and the organic indoors.

In fact, that’s exactly what you can do with a Vahle door: It either contributes as a stand-alone architectural element or it blends in naturally with the rest of the interior!

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