Black panel doors in Douglas

provides clean lines in your dune cottage.

The owner of this holiday home has already built one holiday home, the main house, which is very close to the new house. See the main house with doors in Douglas. The ideas from the main house have been transferred to the new house, which nevertheless has its own unique look. The goal for the owner has been to create a holiday home, which reflects the dunes it sits on. The house had to have lightness, fine lines and be made from the best materials.

Sorte fyldningsdøre douglas
Oak door glass

Black painted Douglas panel door

gives a simple and raw look

Oak door glass

Black painted doors

gives both a raw and young look

Oak door glass

The grain structure in the door

Stands out beautifully through the painted surface

Brass hinges oak door

Black painted against light Douglas fir

creates a beautiful contrast

Oak door glass

Narrow and deep frame

that exactly matches the thickness of the wall.

Oak door glass

Invisible hinges

is a minimalist solution

Oak door

Strike plate in burnished brass

is custom designed for the project

Oak door glass

Doors with reverse opening

make the doors in the hallway flush with the wall

Oak door glass

An invisible hinge

in burnished brass

Oak door glass

The panel door perfectly framed

with a narrow frame and very little air against the door leaf

Doors in black painted Douglas with concealed hinges.

Black Douglas fir doors make the house more youthful and modern

The doors in the summer house are designed exactly the same as those in the main house – the first house built. They are characterized by the fact that they are panel doors that are made as inward-opening wooden doors with concealed hinges. In the corridor, you really see how the doors are 100% sharp. The frames are completely flush with the walls and there is very little air between the frame and the door leaf. The invisible hinges complete the clean look. The doors were delivered unfinished to the customer, who had them painted black.

The elegant strike plate and other metal parts of the door are custom-designed in burnished brass to match other parts of the house interior.

Materials are everything. The door is only as good as the material you choose

The choice of materials has been crucial throughout the cottage, with the understanding that a product is only as good as the material used. The owner states:

“Throughout the house, we’ve tried to choose materials that are a little rough, because we want it to reflect the raw nature that surrounds the house. We wanted the doors to have a tactile value – they had to be fine but have a rough texture, a bit like driftwood has.”

That’s why Douglas was chosen, and the owner has had it treated with a thin-flowing surface paint that gives the wood a glazed look, where the wood grain is still clearly visible.

Every little detail has been considered throughout the house, and there are no standard solutions anywhere. About that, the owner says:

“Our craftsmen have expressed great pleasure in working with the doors. It gives them a special satisfaction to work with doors in this class, and a professional pride when it ends with such a great result. We are extremely happy with the result. People who come to the house, even those who are not knowledgeable professionals, all remark that good choices were made and that everything is done with high quality craftsmanship.”

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