Internal glass door with four wings

A renovated apartment with an interior four-wing glass door in a modern design

This home is full of fine details and well-considered solutions. The whole is put together by architect Per Dybro, who was responsible for the renovation of the apartment.

Fir-fløjet fransk dør monderne stil
4-leaf glass door

Four-leaf glass door

provides a perfect connection between the two living rooms

4-leaf glass door

The door can be left slightly open

when three of the sections are fixed

4-leaf glass door

The door can be left more open

when the entire center section is opened

4-leaf glass door

Door leaves can be folded out completely

when the door section needs to be fully open

4-leaf glass door

Door leaves folded together

very limited space in the room

4-leaf glass door

En-suite living rooms

When you need to set the table for many people

4-leaf glass door

The simple expression of the folding door

elegantly matches the classic style of the home.

4-leaf glass door

The glass door has a simple and modern look

with great functionality

The four-leaf glass door brings beautiful light into the two en-suite living rooms.

Glass door separates or connects

Vahle supplied a four-leaf glass door that acts as a link between two smaller living rooms. The door can be opened up to lie flush with the wall. This way you can alternate between one large room or two smaller rooms. The door’s glass sections, which are divided into three panels each, provide a more cohesive feel to the west-facing rooms.

The interior door creates a free flow of light

The transparency of the glass creates a more intensive influx of light that benefits both rooms. The interior door provides a modern contrast to the classic style of the apartment, which is reflected in the choice of furniture, ceiling cut-outs and, not least, the existing doors.

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All the technical details of the indoor folding door were created in close collaboration between us and architect Per Dybro. We manufacture all our doors to precise measurements, architectural visions and specific preferences for style and functionality. That’s why you can always contact us and tell us about your folding door needs. Together, we’ll find the solution that provides the best value for you.

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Technical details


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