Sliding bathroom doors

Space-saving door solution in Danish design

With a sliding bathroom door, you get a space-saving and modern design that can be the most practical solution. For example, in places where space is limited, for a small bathroom, or where you want the minimalist and modern design that many of our sliding doors have. It’s also a very practical solution for people with limited mobility, as the door can open completely along a wall, so it doesn’t take up space in the hallway or bathroom.

Modern bathroom doors made from strong craftsmanship traditions

With our countless options, you can help create a unique architectural expression. We build all our doors at our carpentry workshop in Mørke, Djursland, and have been doing so for more than 40 years. That’s why every door is made with a precision craftsmanship and quality that can be seen and felt.


Get a sliding door that perfectly matches your architectural vision

All our sliding bathroom doors are made to measure, and you can have them delivered in the exact color that matches the style of the building or the new, intended design. That’s why we hope you’d like to talk to us about some of the options that have made our brand recognized for unmistakable Danish style and quality when it comes to architectural joinery doors.


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Flush white sliding doors in architect-designed villa

Elegant design that can be adapted to any home or building

At Vahle, we create doors that are made to fit perfectly into the environments where they will be used. All doors are made bespoke and you can also choose from a range of innovative features that allow the door to play a special role in the architectural narrative you want to build when designing new spaces.

Functional design that makes an impact

Among other things, we can highlight our magic close design, where the rail on which the sliding door is mounted is hidden. This creates an exclusive and elegant look, giving the impression that the door leaf is floating freely on the outside of the wall. We can supply both painted doors and sliding doors where the wood adds a warm and natural dimension to your interior design.

Explore the range of possibilities in our custom-made carpenter doors

In our online inspiration gallery, you can see many examples of the sliding doors we have produced for a wide range of applications and buildings over the years. Here you can see the design difference our doors can make to your spaces and get inspired to choose a new sliding door for your bathroom that complements your entire indoor environment.


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