Black sliding doors with oak veneer

An old warehouse is transformed into a new home.

In 2018, architect Jesper Therkildsen and his family moved into an old warehouse from 1937, which they designed and renovated themselves.

The architect continued the warehouse feel by preserving the building’s walls and beams.

We collaborated on the design so that the sliding doors fit in with architect Jesper Therkildsen’s vision for the home. The roughness of the warehouse is enhanced by the solid oak veneered sliding doors in black.

Vahle sorte skydedøre med egetræsfiner
Vahle black sliding and smooth doors with oak veneer

The large black sliding door acts as a screen

between bedroom and bathroom or hallway depending on its position.

Vahle black sliding and smooth doors with oak veneer

A look inside the very special bathroom,

where the sliding door can slide to whichever side you want.

Vahle black sliding doors with oak veneer and milled handle

The milled grip

is a stylish detail on sliding doors.

Vahle black sliding and smooth doors with oak veneer

The sliding door is pushed all the way out,

closing the gap between bedroom and hallway.

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The sliding door is designed so you can’t see the track.

With a single swipe, the dark door disappears into the wall.

Vahle black smooth doors with oak veneer

The door appears visually taller

because it is constructed without an upper frame.

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The ultra-high, slim sliding doors

supports the sleek lines of the house.

Vahle black sliding doors with oak veneer in old warehouse

The completely transformed warehouse,

is now the setting for a family home.

Large, dark sliding doors, supporting the raw aesthetic

Interior doors ensure daily well-being

Karin and Jesper enjoy the feel of the doors and the sense of quality they provide on a daily basis. The good, heavy sound that occurs when the door closes is a small joy that gives the feeling of a lovely home,” says the architect, and continues:


If anything, the door is the one element in the house that gives an impression of quality.


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The home’s sliding doors have a modern and minimalist look. If you prefer a more traditional style, take a look at our classic sliding doors with wood and glass panels.

The black veneer on sliding doors is a sign of quality

On the first floor of the house there are smooth sliding doors in black. The doors are black because a black door gives a sense of level, explains Jesper Therkildsen. The black surface contrasts with the light, rustic wooden beams. At the same time, the structure of the oak veneer stands out in the lacquered surface and mirrors the beams. The wood is an expression of quality.


Hidden hinges on sliding doors are cool

Sliding doors with Magic Close have milled door handles. The handle is more or less invisible and feels great to grip, says the homeowner. The minimalist look is enhanced by the fact that the door’s sliding door track is also concealed, and the smooth doors on the ground floor have concealed hinges. According to the architect, it’s pretty cool that you can’t see the hinges.

Tall sliding doors slim down and create style

Sliding doors open as high as they can go. The doors are stopped only by the old beams and have no top frame or bottom step in keeping with the simple, raw aesthetic of the house. The sliding doors in particular are tall and narrow. Thus, the doors support the lines of the house. They help to slim down and create style in the home,” Therkildsen explains.


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