The panel doors in the masonry villa are

custom-designed doors with a large panel.

When renovating the villa, the owners chose to prioritize the doors, which are custom-designed

The homeowners wanted the doors to have the same look as the doors in the original 1926 house. Instead of renovating the old doors, which were crooked, different sizes and had different panels, the owners opted for new doors. The interior doors have only one panel, giving them a modern feel while still referencing back to the original doors.

Fyldningsdør som dobbeltdør til klassisk murmestervilla
Panel door for classic masonry villa

White, clean surfaces dominate in

the classic masonry villa.

Panel doors for classic masonry villa

The custom-designed panel doors have one large panel and narrow frame pieces,

to keep a simple style and as a reference to the house’s original doors.

Panel door and glass door for classic masonry villa

Panel door as a double door

is chosen in the bedroom to better enjoy the view from the room.

Panel door for classic masonry villa

The simple and white

creates a beautiful and minimalist style.

Panel door and glass door for classic masonry villa

In the entrance hall, the glass door

plenty of light flow.

Panel door for classic masonry villa

Panel door as a double door

matches the other doors in the house.

Panel door for classic masonry villa

An panel door with just one panel

is a modern take on the classic style.

Custom-designed doors of the highest quality are completely true to the architecture of the house.

The owners chose to prioritize the doors

When renovating the house, the owners chose to prioritize floors and doors.

The doors are looked at and touched many times a day, the owners explain.

That’s why they wanted doors that would retain their style and quality for years to come. Chrome door handles and hinges were carefully selected to match the door.

Custom-designed panel doors made of wood and glass.

Quality was an important aspect in the homeowners’ choice of interior elements.

For this house, the owners chose Vahle internal glass doors because they wanted high-quality materials.

White panel doors keep your home bright

The owners say the doors are white to keep the home bright and to preserve the style of the old painted panel doors.

White dominates the interior, providing a calm surface that allows other elements of the decor to catch the eye, the owners explain.

The modern panel doors blend beautifully with the traditional casement windows.

Custom designed double door

Due to a sloping wall in the bedroom, the owners custom-designed a double door instead of a single door, even though the doorway is only 90 cm wide. With two smaller door leaves, the view of the roof terrace is preserved. In the entrance hall, a glass door has been chosen to bring light and views through the house.

Feel the quality in the doors

High-quality solutions are the hallmark of the house’s minimalist interior design. The owners chose Vahle doors because Vahle was the only company that could meet all their requirements.

You can both feel and see that the doors are quality doors, say the owners, who are very satisfied with the infill doors.

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