White interior double doors

completes the style of new farmhouse construction with classic doors.

When a Danish family took over an old farm, they built a new two-storey farmhouse. Between fields and trees lies the large new building with red bricks, white grid windows and a lavish entrance. The traditional exterior is accompanied on the inside by classic double doors from Vahle, both as panel doors and French doors.

The French door creates a connection between rooms in the house and completes the classic style.

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Dobbelt fransk dør med facetslebne glas
French double door with faceted glass

Panel doors and French doors

in authentic classic style.

Panel door with pyramid panel

Brass door handles in classic style

is aligned with the design of the doors.

Pyramid panel door and French door with faceted glass

The stylish entrance area

with consistent details that match the original style of the farmhouse.

Panel door as a double door with pyramid panel

The double door with beautiful details

with pyramid-shaped panels.

French door with bevelled glass and panel door

The beautiful door casings

provides coherence between doors and emphasizes their elegance.

French door with faceted glass

Faceted glass in the French doors

is a stylish detail.

French double door with faceted glass

Double French door

made without threshold.

Villa Lm10

The details of the French door

emphasizes its quality.

French double door with faceted glass

The French door to the kitchen

opens up and provides light and air.

The newly built farmhouse with classic doors that match the original architecture of the farm.

Double doors with glass connect the rooms

The French doors of the house consist of double and single doors that are adapted to the wall and room size. The double door connects the kitchen and a living room, while the single door leads from the hallway into the kitchen. The glass in the French doors allows light to flow across the rooms and connects the spaces, as you can see the living room from the kitchen and vice versa.

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White double doors interior

The French doors have a lighter feel than the wood-faced panel doors, as they open up the rooms and make them look bigger. On the other hand, white double and single doors create an oasis of calm as you can completely close off a room. Each door leaf has three panels that vary in size. All doors have white hinges that blend in with the door surface.

Pyramid on all doors matches facade door

The new build’s classic design is carried through from top to bottom, creating a beautiful whole. Just look at the pyramid shape that runs through the center panel the panel doors and the top corners of the casings. The design matches the house’s custom-made front door, which also features pyramid-shaped panels.

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Classic double doors with a golden door handle

For the interior double doors, the homeowners chose a brass door handle. The golden door handle has a traditional design that fits well with the classic design of the doors. Although the door handle is a small element of the overall door, the handle helps to complete both the functional use of the door and the visual impression of the door.

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