Interior wooden doors

with contrasting handles and fittings.

The Pihlmann studio has created a holiday home as a four-storey building around a central courtyard. The more private areas of the house act as closed areas that are isolated from the communal space in the middle.

Vahle supplied interior doors to the rooms with a cladding in the same surface as the walls.

Indvendige trædøre i fyrretræ integreret i væggen
Pine interior wooden doors integrated into the wall

Walls and doors are clad in the exact same veneer

in pine, a light, Nordic wood species that matches the location and style of the house.

Pine interior wooden doors integrated into the wall

The light-coloured veneer on doors and walls

brings calm and balance to your holiday home with a variety of materials.

Pine interior wooden doors integrated into the wall

The black hinges and door handles

creates a stylish contrast to the light pine wood.

Pine interior doors integrated with the wall

Black details

that gives a character to the architecture.

Ebt 4

Nature is moving indoors,

with pine wood on walls and doors.

Pine interior wooden doors integrated into the wall

The integrated doors

are made of the exact same plywood as the walls.

Pine interior wooden doors integrated into the wall

Floors, walls and doors

together create the desired light, Nordic style.

Pine-clad doors are a foundation of the cottage’s consistent Nordic style.

Pine interior doors for a calm look

Architect Søren Thirup Pihlmann of Pihlmann explains that there are many materials at play in the house. Therefore, the architects wanted the spaces to appear calm.

The solution was to give the wall and door a uniform surface by using the same pine plywood material on both elements. The integrated doors use the exact same plywood sheets that the walls are made with.

The doors are produced according to our opening principle The Extended Door.

Internal wooden doors integrated into the wall.

The interior doors and walls are made of pine wood, creating a uniform surface.

The same effect is found in this project, where panel doors, walls and floors blend into one.

Hinges and door handles contrast with the light-coloured surface of the door

The house is generally built in light materials, says Søren Thirup Pihlmann. To create a contrast to the dominant light surfaces, the door hinges and door handles are in black. This strong contrasting color draws attention to the small details that play a major role in the overall architectural expression, even though they take up less space than the floor, ceiling and walls,” explains the architect.

Integrating nature into architectural materials

We chose to clad the rooms in pine because it was the type of wood that best suited the area in relation to the Danish wood species,” explains Søren Thirup Pihlmann.

In this way, nature is also brought into the architecture in the meeting of materials, where the concrete floor and wooden walls contain different shades of color. The white ceiling acts as a completely neutral surface.

Vahle’s many references put the architects at ease

Pihlmann worked well with Vahle on the advanced door solution.

Vahle was chosen, explains Søren Thirup Pihlmann, because the company specializes in doors and has many references.

The references made it clear how Vahle solves different door situations, which made the architects feel confident in choosing Vahle’s expertise.

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