Sliding doors with integrated door handles

disappears into the wall in architect-designed home.

From the very beginning, this architect-designed villa focused on the door solution in a home where there was a strong focus on the functionality of the heart of the house, the central space.

The choice fell on a sliding door. Sliding doors can connect rooms because they are completely invisible when open. At the same time, they shape the spaces when closed.

This sliding door has Soft Close, which provides a smooth opening and closing. Sliding doors are also available with Magic Close.

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Glatte, hvide skydedøre i arkitekttegnet villa
Smooth white sliding doors in architect-designed villa

Consistent materials and solutions

creates calm and high functionality in architect-designed villa.

Smooth white sliding doors in architect-designed villa

Sliding doors in the hallway

is designed to make the area appear shapely.

White pivot door

The white, minimalist sliding doors have Soft Close,

and is elegantly installed with only a sliding rail in the ceiling.

Sliding doors with integrated handles disappear into the wall and ceiling

The sliding doors have integrated handles,

slides easily and smoothly into the walls.

Smooth white sliding doors in architect-designed villa

The large, central space in the house with detail and shape,

that creates high functionality.

Sliding doors with integrated handles support the architecture of private homes.

Doors with a focus on form and functionality

In this home, the focus was on the door solution from the very beginning. The desire was for sliding doors that would integrate completely into the architecture around them.

The home was designed by Christoffersen & Weiling Architects, who paid close attention to detail throughout the process.

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Sliding doors with Soft Close

The house is built in an open plan, where the desire was for complete flexibility in terms of enclosing parts of the house. In collaboration with the client, Vahle developed sliding doors with built-in rails in the ceiling, Soft Close and integrated door handles.

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When the door is closed, the hallway forms a fine, white surface that creates a sense of calm.

The sliding door has the same surface as several elements in the house. This was a conscious choice by the architect, who wanted to create a common thread in the architecture.

The interior sliding doors hide themselves

The interior sliding doors are hidden when not in use. Therefore, the large surfaces disappear completely from the room’s connections. In this way, the doors support the architecture because the essentials of form and materials are not distracted by technical details.

White sliding doors create clean lines

The sliding doors are painted white, so they integrate into the interior even when closed. This means that clean lines are preserved throughout this modern answer to good architecture. In this case, attention to detail resulted in a clear and simple house where clarified architecture and fine texture go hand in hand.

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