Entrance doors Kystvejen

New double doors that preserve the historic architecture.

In a hallway on Kystvejen in Aarhus, the old hallway doors have been replaced with new interior doors.

The gray infill doors into the apartments are double doors. The top infill is glass on the outside and wood on the inside to preserve the original look while avoiding views into the home.

The unique entrance doors are both fire-resistant and soundproof.

Opgangsdør Aarhus 15a0357
Entrance door Aarhus 15a0375 infill door, fire door and double door

The beautiful architecture of the staircase has been preserved

including gold on the staircase, wood stucco ceilings, and new gray infill doors that match the gray colors of the staircase and floor.

Entrance door Aarhus 15a0357

The top panels of the doors are glass on the outside and wood on the inside,

to preserve the original expression and at the same time screen views into the apartments.

Entrance door Aarhus 15a0371 infill door, fire door and double door

The doors are designed with a manor forged, double frame piece,

which gives symmetry to the door and makes the moving door leaf wider.

Entrance door Aarhus 15a0392 double door, infill door, fire door

The infills are made exactly as on the original doors,

in a stately style with beautiful deeply profiled infills.

Entrance door Aarhus 15a0403 double door, infill door, fire door

Only half of the doors in the hallway have been replaced.

It can’t be seen, only felt, because the new doors are exact replicas of the old ones.

The new entrance doors are designed as historical double doors, and are also fire-resistant and soundproof.

Bi-fold doors preserve the architectural expression.

To preserve the architectural expression of the staircase, it was crucial that the new doors were a replica of the original doors.

For example, the gray infill doors match the stairs and floor of the staircase.

The old staircase is richly decorated with gold railings and dark wood stucco ceilings.

Entrance door in gray as a double door with infills and manor house molding.

The entrance doors are replicas of the original doors to preserve the architecture.

The double doors are made with a double frame piece, also known as a manor house middle. This design has both aesthetic and functional significance. The door takes on a particularly stately and symmetrical appearance. Functionally, the walking door leaf becomes extra wide for better access to the apartment.

At Silkeborg Town Hall, it was also important that the entrance doors continued the original look.

Entrance doors with new usability

About half of the doors were replaced, as not all residents wanted a new front door.

This emphasizes the importance of the new doors and the old doors being the same, so that all entrance doors look the same.

You notice the change in usage and not in expression, thereby passing on the cultural heritage.

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