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Double doors in Dinesen Showroom

Tall, stately doors match the wide plank floors.

The high internal double doors in Dinesen’s showroom, designed as infill doors, emphasize the exclusive plank flooring

The white panel doors have a simple two-panel design and are hand-painted on site.

The infill doors in the Grey Lighthouse are also hand-painted and have an elegant look with four infills.

The double doors measure a full 2.5 meters and have brass handles.

Dinesen Showroom håndmålede dobbeltdøre som fyldningsdøre
Dinesen Showroom hand-measured double doors as infill doors

Dinesen’s showroom in a stately setting by the lakes in central Copenhagen,

which is emphasized by the exclusive, wide Dinesen floorboards and the tall Vahle infill double doors.

Dinesen Showroom Søtorvet 5 Oeo Designstudio 21

The 2½ meter high double doors

creates a beautiful connection between spaces.

Dinesen Showroom hand-measured double doors as infill doors

The hand-painted infill doors

are both simple and elegant at the same time.

The height and design of the double doors emphasize the building’s fine architecture.

Tall double doors on the inside emphasize exclusivity

Dinesen’s 600 m2 showroom is located in historic surroundings by the Lakes in Copenhagen. Vahle has produced double panel doors that match the historic architecture with traditional features.

One part of the showroom is designed as a private apartment in a classic country house style. The classic panel doors confirm the exclusive look of the planks, not least in the form of a height of 2.5 meters. At the same time, they create the connection between the large, high-ceilinged rooms.

White, hand-painted doors in a simple design

The doors have a simple design with two infills; a large infill at the top and a small infill at the bottom. The white color creates a clean and minimalist look that doesn’t take attention away from the plank floor. The double doors are hand-painted to create an authentic look that harks back to the building’s architectural style period.

Bifold doors with glowing handles

The white color of the door and the white Brumleby hinges match panels and ceilings in the same color. The brass door handle contrasts beautifully with the white panel doors and brightens up the room with the modern chandelier in the same shade.


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