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New house with classic interior doors.

Bi-fold doors and French doors with character.

New builds inspired by the patricia villa feature architect-designed doors that blend in with the character and charm of the house as a whole.

A couple from Thy built a neoclassical house with three wings in close collaboration with an architect and carpenter. Inspired by the patrician villa, they have created a classic house with double-glazed windows and a black mansard roof. Vahle produced the house’s interior doors to match the architecture.

Vahle Skydedør med glas til nyklassisk villa
Vahle Double French Door for Neoclassical villa

Bi-fold doors and French doors

is the setting for the charming new house in neoclassical style.

Vahle Double French Door for Neoclassical villa

A French double door with large glass infills

creates light and lightens the architecture.

Vahle Double French Door for Neoclassical villa

Narrow bars

is the hallmark of a Vahle French Door.

Vahle sliding door with glass for Neoclassical villa

Sliding door in the same design

like the French doors.

Vahle Sliding Glass Door for Neo-Classical Villa

The simple design of the sliding door

stands harmoniously against the green walls.

Vahle Sliding Glass Door for Neo-Classical Villa

Sliding door between living room and kitchen

provides flexible utilization of the two spaces.

Vahle Sliding glass door for neoclassical villa

The sliding door is built into the wall

and creates a seamless transition between the spaces.

Vahle Double French Door for Neoclassical villa

French doors as double doors

brings light, air and elegance to your home.

Vahle sliding door with glass for Neoclassical villa

The bars in the French doors

matches the design of the windows.

Vahle Infill Door and JE-Tree Facade Door for Neo-Classical Villa

The infill door and front door mirror each other.

The front door is a JE-TRÆ special edition with pyramid fillings.

Vahle Double French Door for Neoclassical villa

The double door provides plenty of light in the entrance hall,

and creates a beautiful opening to the living room.

Infill doors and glass doors in a new neoclassical house inspired by the patrician villa.

Infill doors with character and charm

The homeowners wanted infill doors with character. The infill panels have shadow reliefs that give the door character, says Claus Bødtker, architect and owner of Arkitektfirmaet C.Bødtker, who designed the house. The doors have wood and glass infills to bring out the charm of the house, which is very important to the owners.

Glass doors create light and views and match windows

The glass doors are made as double doors and sliding doors. They create light across the house and views through the house. The position of the glazing bars on the interior doors is the same as on the windows. The other infill doors and the front door have the same expression, which creates a common thread throughout the house,” explains the architect.

White doors on green walls

The doors are white to keep the classic colors, so the house gets color through paintings and other decorations, explains the architect.

With a white kitchen and white, water-washed walls, the house appears bright. A greenish color, carefully selected by the owner, adorns several walls and adds warmth to the whiteness.


At Vahle, quality is top notch

Claus Bødtker often prescribes Vahle in his projects because he knows he’s getting something that works.

The quality is just top-notch at Vahle, he points out.

Kurt Justesen, master carpenter at Morsø Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning, who did all the carpentry and joinery work in the house, draws the same conclusion. He introduced the owners to Vahle, who recognized the high quality of the doors.

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