Interior oak doors

becomes a piece of furniture in a summer house decor.

In a holiday home, oak veneer interior doors become an integral part of a wall clad in the same wood. The wall with the doors appears as a piece of furniture in the interior

A holiday home on the island of Mols has oak veneer wallpaper doors. Vahle has produced a double door into a bedroom and a door to the hallway. In addition to the wallpaper doors, there are two glass doors with narrow frames in solid oak that bring in plenty of light and create a modern, Nordic transparent look.

Dobbeltdør og enkeltdør i egetræsfiner
Door with oak veneer and glass door in solid oak.

Oak doors

becomes a distinctive design element in your holiday home.

Door with oak veneer

Door and wall blend beautifully,

by using the same oak veneer throughout the element.

Oak doors with black hinges

The black hinges

creates a beautiful coherence in the interior.

Oak door as a glass door

Glass door stands beautifully against the oak wall,

providing a modern and lightweight look and great light.

Glass door in solid oak

Glass door with narrow frames and sills

in solid oak.

Oak doors

Doors without threshold with drop seal strip,

for maximum aesthetic comfort.

Oak door with black handle

The door leaf is quite close to the wall

only a few millimeters apart.

Double and single door in oak veneer

Oak is a recurring material,

where the oak veneer wall is the focal point.

Summer houses in modern Nordic style use the doors as an interior design element.

The door becomes a piece of furniture in the interior

The wall and door have been given the same oak veneer cladding, merging into a full wooden wall. The wall acts as a wallpaper that becomes a large, warm piece of furniture that dominates the interior.

Therefore, the owners have tried to keep the style of the interior simple with black, white and oak as recurring elements. The minimalist décor with elegant, high-quality furniture allows the living texture of the wood to take center stage.

The veneer gives the double door effect of wallpaper

The oak veneer doors are made according to the door principle we call “The Extended Door”. With this principle, it is possible to cover the door and wall with a veneer, for example, so that the surfaces flow together without a visible frame.

Read more about our door principles here.

The texture of the wood extends over the door and wall. To make the veneer on the door and wall match, the double door uses the exact same piece of veneer as the wall. To achieve a uniform surface and the effect of wallpaper, the veneer is cut and coated in exactly the same way.

Black hinges and door handles become an architectural element

The hinges are black and contrast with the light oak. This is a conscious choice, say the owners. The black hinges become an architectural element that fits in with the color scheme of the interior. The black element is also found on the handle, which is made of stainless steel with a black synthetic material. The handle from Randi is called “Grata” and is designed by Friis & Moltke.

The glass doors are made of solid oak with narrow frames in a beautiful, Nordic and minimalist style, which is emphasized by the black door handles.

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