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Striking doors act as furniture

With oak doors that are dark as bog oak.

The choice of materials and details are the decisive parameters in this newly renovated apartment. The home is largely dominated by the interior oak doors, which are stained dark like bog oak.

The developer has focused on the doors and explains,

“Doors have an incredibly important function. That’s why it was especially important for us to give them a lot of attention. We have large, bright rooms with high ceilings and large white walls. The doors will act as furniture and we don’t really need anything on the walls. Many people think of kitchens first when they renovate. I think the other way around. The function of the doors is so important and used all the time, so they need to be taken care of.” Words

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Smooth door dark oak

Flush oak doors stained dark like bog oak

should act as a counterpoint to the large, bright surfaces in the house.

Smooth door dark oak

Concealed hinges and “reverse opening”

makes the door and frame lie flush with the wall.

Smooth door dark oak sliding door

In the bathroom, a sliding door has been chosen

with Magic Close.

Smooth door dark oak

The dark doors that are 2.4 meters high,

has references to the rest of the interior.

Smooth door dark oak sliding door

The sliding door is bigger than the door hole,

makes the door appear visually taller.

Pillar door brass

The owner’s love of brass

created the idea of a door coated with the precious material.

Pillar door brass

The entrance door is made as a pivot door

and creates a very special warm atmosphere.

Pillar door brass

When materials and details come into focus,

it allows for exciting new interior design possibilities.

Sliding and flush doors in dark oak, and pivot door with brass finish.

Sliding door with Magic Close

One of the bathroom doors couldn’t be as tall as the other doors, so a sliding door was chosen.

“We didn’t want a white door. The sliding door with Magic Close works as an installation that we are very happy with and that we also get a lot of comments on. The 3 factors – door, cement and micro-cement floor – are what give the wow effect in this space”.

Tall doors with gourmet details

“The height of the doors is so impressive, they are 2.4 meters high, and that’s what I like the most”

explains the owner of the house. In addition, he highlights some other details: The doors have a reverse opening, which means that the walls in the kitchen-dining room are completely smooth with no protruding frames. concealed hinges are used and the frames are exactly the same width as the skirting boards.

“I haven’t been able to find anyone else who can create this completely smooth expression”.

Materials as a starting point

The floor in the apartment is the existing floor and the renovation was based on this dark hardwood floor. The choice of dark oak in the doors and the dark kitchen in hot-rolled steel treated with beeswax was made with reference to the floor. “We like big and bright spaces. It’s friendly and welcoming. The doors, on the other hand, are dark and striking, because we saw them as elements we could “play” with. It would be too boring to choose a plain white door,” says the developer.

Pivot-hung entrance door with brass finish

The entrance to the apartment, like the other doors, is quite distinctive. It was chosen because the client considers the entrance to the home to be extremely important, and he’s quite fond of brass. It is a wide pivot-hung door that is clad in brass.

The brass work is skillfully done by Langbjerg.

“We chose Vahle because they have great quality, but also because of the history. During a visit to the factory, we experienced a Danish production with old carpenters who take pride in their work and a scent of wood that warms an old carpenter’s heart. I probably won’t be able to take the doors with me to my next construction project, but I’ll definitely be using Vahle doors again.”

Quote: The owner of the house.

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