Modern glass doors

Adds light and life to a 1970s house.

A typical house from 1974 was completely renovated to make it suitable for modern family life. Today, the family gathers in a spacious kitchen-dining room, while a large glass section brings light into the room.

Light was a major concern for the owners, so they opted for glass doors, which are custom-made to let in a lot of light.

Moderne glasdøre til typehus fra 1970'erne
Modern glass doors for a 1970s style house

The glass door creates a stunning light in the kitchen-dining room,

and are designed as soundproofed with an automatic sealing strip for extra comfort.

Modern glass doors for a 1970s style house

The white door with very narrow frames

maximizes light and has a very simple look.

Modern glass doors for a 1970s style house

The interior glass doors in the house

matches the exterior front door, which is also made of glass, and together they bring an impressive amount of light into the house.

Glass interior doors bring light into the house and create a connection between the facade and interior.

Narrow-frame glass doors maximize light entry.

The internal glass doors better distribute natural light between the rooms in your home. The narrow frames of the doors are a Vahle specialty, increasing the glass area and thus the amount of light. The frames of the doors are white, creating a light and minimalist look that fits well with the living room décor and the clean lines of the kitchen.

Interior glass door.

The white frame of the glass doors matches the white surfaces of the kitchen.

There are many options to get the glass door you want – get inspired by our French doors.

The door click sound is delicious.

Even if you live in an ordinary detached house, you can still have some nice solutions, says the homeowner, who is very happy with the glass doors. The clicking sound the door makes when it closes is particularly exciting: “It confirms to me that we’ve made the right choice with Vahle doors,” says the owner

Discreet glass doors that dampen sound.

Although the doors are discreet, they have another important function in addition to maximizing light: The glass doors are soundproofed, so you won’t hear the hum of the washing machine or loud music from the children’s rooms. Door handles, lock case and hinges match each other to continue the modern style. The coupé handle is a typical 70s handle that references the architecture of the house.

The style of the glass doors continues in the front door.

The style of the glass doors continues in one of the front doors of the house. The owners chose an Omega front door in gray with sandblasted glass to let light flood into the hallway.

When you choose glass in both interior and exterior doors, you create a beautiful connection between your home’s facade and its interior.

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