Office converted to residential

with beautiful door details that emphasize the home’s conservation status.

In an old preservation-worthy property from 1915 in Esbjerg, a former office has been transformed into an exclusive residence. The style of the home is classic and the owner has emphasized that the apartment should be built with respect for the property and its original style.

Classic French doors with faceted glass and panel doors with brass details

The original style is beautifully preserved,

with detailed panel doors and French doors.

Classic French doors with faceted glass and panel doors with brass details

Solutions have been chosen throughout the house,

that pays respect to the old property.

Classic French doors and transom with faceted glass

The beautiful French doors

is crowned by an elegant glass transom.

Classic French doors with faceted glass and brass details

The double doors are made without a threshold,

to allow for continuous flooring.

Classic French doors with brass details

All hardware and fittings are made of brass,

so that the hinges, strike plate and lock case match the door handle and escutcheon.

Søetatens Pigeskole panel doors

The consistent design of sliding and panel door doors

creates peace of mind in the details.

Classic French doors with faceted glass

The faceted glass is a detail,

which is both elegant and historically accurate.

The classic doors are produced with deep respect for the historical building style.

French doors with faceted glass

Beautiful details have been chosen for the French doors. The choice of beveled glass alone makes the doors something special. This gives the doors a completely authentic original look, so you could mistake the door for a historic door.

Classic panel doors with beautiful brass details

The beautifully profiled wall panels stand out against the stunning paneled double door with intricate brass details in the classic hamburger hinges, strike plate and lock case.

Same design on sliding doors and classic hinged doors

Despite the different types of doors, the consistent design of the door panels creates a unified look.

The ceiling has been opened up to reveal the beautiful old crane beams, emphasizing the age and preservation value of the building.

The original building style has been preserved

We saw it as our task to rebuild this apartment with respect for the original building style. That’s why many of the door solutions have been obvious choices for us. We are extremely satisfied with the doors and with our collaboration with Vahle.

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