Summer house with linoleum doors

Doors in natural materials add personality to sleek and simple architecture

“We didn’t want a holiday home that looked like a show house, so using white smooth doors was never an option. The door materials have a textural quality that gives the house soul and personality.”

explains the builder and architect about his new holiday home.

The basic architecture of the house is simple and a little austere. The architect’s take on softening this is largely created through the choice of materials on all surfaces from doors to tiles, wall treatments, fixtures and furniture.

Linoleumsdøre i sommerhus
Linoleum doors in a summer house

Doors covered with linoleum

Adds personality and soul to your holiday home.

Linoleum doors in a summer house

Beautiful petrol blue color

Adds warmth to bright rooms.

Linoleum doors in a summer house

Linoleum is a natural material

Which is pleasant to the touch and easy to maintain.

Linoleum doors in a summer house

The color green

Fits perfectly with the brass hinges.

Linoleum doors in a summer house

Brass door handle “Skodsborg” from Kyner & Co.

is a perfect fit for a seaside holiday home, according to the architect.

Linoleum and glass door as a sliding door

Natural materials on all surfaces of the house

to soften the building’s austere architecture.

Glass door as a sliding door

The beautiful glass door in dark oak

in perfect harmony with the rest of the interior.

Sliding door in Douglas fir

Sliding door in Douglas fir veneer

creates a Nordic, light and natural atmosphere.

Sliding door in Douglas fir

Sliding door in Douglas fir veneer

has a beautiful patina after a few years of use.

Sliding door douglas

Fire doors that don’t look like fire doors

beautifully emphasized by the painted hamburger hinges.

Glass door as a sliding door

Beautiful materials and colors

is the foundation of the soul of the house.

Glass door as a sliding door

Sliding door in oak and glass

creates a beautiful separation between two sections of the house.

Sliding door douglas

Summer house atmosphere

with a sliding door as a nice element.

Sliding door douglas

Sliding door in Douglas fir veneer

Most often left open.

Modern doors in various natural materials – Douglas fir, oak and linoleum.

It started with the wooden doors

The collaboration with Vahle started with the client’s request for Douglas fir doors. We ended up with both a sliding door in Douglas veneer and an oak sliding door with glass.

After 2 years of use, the Douglas door has acquired a patina, especially in the form of color differences in the wood on the door leaf. It’s pretty obvious that the sliding door is usually left almost completely open. But it’s patina that builders love. It’s a natural material that evolves, and it’s allowed to.

Linoleum doors – a sustainable and beautiful natural material

“I have been a fan of linoleum as a material throughout my career as an architect”

explains architect Vibeke Garder, and continues

“Those of us who grew up in the 60s remember hallways with ugly linoleum, and many have a strained relationship with the material. But linoleum is a really nice natural material, not at all like vinyl, and it’s very easy to maintain”.

Brass was chosen for all the doors, but also for other parts of the interior.

“We live close to the sea, so it had to be brass. We associate brass with wooden boats, where it is used because it is a metal that can withstand salt water. Brass patinates beautifully and we don’t think it should be polished to a shine. So it also solves our desire to make the house maintenance-friendly”. Handles from the “Skodsborg” series by Kyner & Co have been chosen in the same design as the hinges.


“We are very happy with our doors. They’re super-gorgeous. But I would also like to commend the collaboration with you. Usually, when I describe the choice of doors in projects, it’s based on a catalog. But with you, it’s been completely different. You have been involved in the project with professional sparring that has been very valuable to us. You started by asking what we wanted the doors to do for us. And you just have an amazing knowledge of materials and what they can do.”

Quote: Architect Vibeke Garder

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