New York Wood door

A classic reimagined as a wooden door.

In this villa, the owner has chosen solutions so that the wine cellar is not just storage, but a pleasant and comfortable space.

The entrance to the wine cellar is marked by a New York Wood door from Vahle. It creates a raw and minimalist style in the style of a traditional New York metal door. The wooden construction, on the other hand, adds the warmth and comfort of a classic Vahle French door.

Newyorker dør sort
NewYorker door black

We call the door “New York Wood”

because it’s our take on a wood-based New York door.

NewYorker door black

The construction is like our classic French doors

with narrow frames and narrow glazing bars, and frames can be made as small as 60 mm.

NewYorker door black

New York Wood joinery door

creates New York style in a warm and sustainable way.

NewYorker door black

A wooden door is comfortable to open and close

NewYorker door black

A peek into the wine cellar

NewYorker door black

Door without bottom panel

makes the spaces flow together with a continuous floor.

NewYorker door black

The minimalist solution is based on

Vahle’s unique narrow door frames and transoms.

NewYorker door black

A welcoming entrance to a cozy wine cellar

contributes to the pleasant atmosphere.

A sustainable, quality solution for a modern classic.

Dreaming of a minimal and raw interior design? At the same time, you love wood, which provides a sustainable and warm solution. Then you might be looking for our newly developed New York Wood door made of wood and glass

Our vision has been to create the New Yorker Door as a sustainable, wood-based product. Here you get:

Bespoke joinery door

Create your own design for our New York Wood door. You can have it the way you want it and we guarantee the perfect finish, and that includes real glazing bars.


Minimalist expression

Vahle can make door frames as small as 60 mm, which is half the width of a traditional door frame. The narrow frames are the foundation of a minimalist look. Vahle uses the highest quality pine wood, which provides the necessary stability and strength.

Rugged solution – with the warmth of wood

Wood adds warmth to an otherwise rugged solution. Wood is nice to the touch and wood construction gives the New York Wood door its convincing closing sound.


Sustainable solution

Everyone is talking about it. Wood is the sustainable building material. Wood both absorbs and binds CO2 from the atmosphere. Wood can actually be CO2 positive.

Project details

Technical details


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