Full ceiling height pivot doors

in David Thulstrup’s own apartment.

David Thulstrup has chosen pivot, flush, white-painted, full-height doors for his own apartment.

The bedroom door in particular has played a key role for him, creating an exciting transformation between living room and bedroom.

Pinoldør glat og hvidmalet
Pivot door smooth white painted David Thulstrup

Full ceiling height Pivot door

provides inclusivity and integration.

Pivot door white smooth David Thulstrup

Transaction between living room and bedroom

has been central to the door choice.

Full-height pivot doors with maximum delicacy give a floating aspect to the rooms.

The pivot door to the bedroom became central


“I found the transaction between the living room and bedroom exciting. The door can be left open and you can get a peek inside to make you curious about what’s on the other side.”

Full-height pivot doors

“When the pivot doors are open, they create space. This is because they are designed with full headroom, so the width of the door matches the width of the wall exactly. In this way, the door becomes an integral part of the rooms and is not just a door”.

The deliciousness is amazing

“I am absolutely delighted with our doors. It’s the deliciousness of them and the fluid aspect they provide. I wouldn’t have done anything differently at all, and then working with you guys has been great and everything has just worked out.”

Quote: Architect David Thulstrup

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The pivot door is a work of art in itself. It gives you a sense of quality and stability when you open and close it.

The pivot door is both discreet and eye-catching at the same time, and there are so many design options. In terms of functionality, it’s space-saving, easy to install in modern buildings and can both create and define spaces.

Pivot door white