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Beautifully carved infill doors in new villa

creates the connection to the original “Anna’s House”.

“Anna’s House” was built in 1908 and named after the daughter of the then owner of the house. When the house was taken over by the Nielsen family, the house had deteriorated to such an extent that they were granted permission to demolish the house, even though the plan was to renovate the listed building.

Vahle was hired to make replica doors of the original doors so they could live on in the new villa.

Fyldningsdøre Annas Hus
Infill doors Anna's House

The infill doors to the basement are identical to the other doors,

but is designed as a fire door.

Infill doors Anna's House

White interior infill doors

have been continued in the new house as replica doors.

Infill doors Anna's House

The doors are made as exact replicas

only the sizes are adapted to contemporary standards.

Infill doors Anna's House

The story lives on

through the doors.

Infill doors Anna's House

The doors live on in other houses today,

inspired by the expression created in this villa.

Infill doors Anna's House

Beautiful and unique carvings

can be found on both single and double doors.

Infill doors Anna's House

It’s very much the doors,

that contribute to the historic soul of the house,

The beautiful paneled doors with their unique carvings became the historical handover to the new villa.

Bifold doors that fit the modern age

“Anna’s house” had some very special, handmade doors. Homeowner Jakob Nielsen explains that the family wanted to create a connection to the original house with the interior doors that existed in it.

Vahle therefore made four replica doors for the villa from the old, beautiful doors. The infill doors are scaled up in size to fit today’s dimensions and needs.


Solid wood interior doors and fire door in original look

The interior doors are made of solid wood with carvings that are faithful replicas of the original doors. The fire door to the basement has been given the same original look. In addition to continuing the doors in the new house, the owners also decided that the wonderful garden should live on in the neighborhood to show respect for the past.

The villa was designed by Ahead Arkitektur according to Bedre Byggeskiks standards.

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