Glass oak doors

creates coherence and adds comfort.

New oak doors give this three-storey townhouse a completely new look and add significant extra comfort. The house already had a central core in the form of a truly beautiful oak staircase with oak veneer walls. The new doors create a sense of cohesion in the house with the staircase as an anchor.

Glasdør egetræ Villa SCM
Oak door glass

Glass door with oak edges

An easy and simple solution

Oak door glass

Glass doors for the bedroom

with frosted glass for light and privacy

Oak door glass

Double doors with glass

Provides plenty of light to the hallway

Brass hinges oak door

Beautiful hinges

is an elegant solution with the oak tree

Oak door glass

Glass door for ease

for a room full of oak veneer

Oak door glass

Door without bottom step

allows for continuous flooring

Oak door

Doors with soundproofing

provides good acoustics in the house

Oak door glass

The glass door is a bold choice

Creates a bright and stylish bedroom

Noise-reducing glass doors bring plenty of light and transparency to the house, and the oak wood makes the doors and interior blend together throughout the house.

As you enter this house, you are greeted by a stunning, beautiful oak staircase. It’s inviting and warm as it stands today, and one of the reasons for that is the new oak glass door. Plenty of light comes in whether the door is open or closed.

“It was quite a dark room before, but with the new glass door, the whole feel of the room has changed when you walk in the door, so it’s nice and bright,”

says the owner of the house

One of the major tasks when designing doors for this house was to match the oak staircase. The staircase is the foundation of the house and the doors are made to complement the staircase and its expression.



New doors significantly improve house acoustics

A key reason for replacing the old doors in the house was a desire to reduce noise. When everyone is home, there are six people in the house, and children and adults alike appreciate the peace and quiet and the opportunity for privacy.

“It’s like a brand new house for us. We’re very happy to see the significant noise reduction we’re experiencing with the new doors,”

explains the homeowner.

The black Komé handles from Randi support the minimalist look of the door.

Project details

Technical details


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