Odder Chapel

Flush doors of oak for modern, solemn architecture.

The overarching architectural goal for the ambitious new chapel in Odder was solemnity and simplicity. The chapel’s architecture is simple and free of religious symbols to create a calm, unadorned setting that can be used by anyone, regardless of religion, to say their final goodbyes.

Odder Kapel glat dobbeltdør i egetræ
Odder Chapel oak double door

Double doors in beautiful oak veneer

The narrow frames ensure the large door retains its elegance.

Odder Chapel oak double door

The door opens to a ceremony room,

where exclusive materials and light create a sense of solemnity.

Odder Chapel oak double door

The beautiful oak veneer of the door

are carefully selected according to high quality standards.

Odder Chapel door in oak veneer with concealed hinges

Concealed hinges in brass

completes the simple and pure style.

Odder Chapel oak door with brass

Oak and brass add warmth to the chapel,

which is somewhere. where it is particularly needed.

Odder Chapel flush double doors in oak

The oak double door

in perfect harmony with oak wood and red bricks.

Solemn and simple architecture made from beautiful, robust materials.

Oak is a robust material that patinates beautifully

The key for the architect was to find a few robust materials that patinate beautifully, so that the chapel can still look great in 200 years with materials that only get more beautiful as the years go by. That’s why brick, oak and brass were chosen as the fundamental materials. Almost everything is built with these materials. Material selection and light and shadow have been the fundamental elements in creating a form of the solemn and simple space.

Wide double doors with narrow frames made as fire doors

The doors into the ceremony room are double doors made as fire doors in very large dimensions. The doors retain their simplicity and elegance by keeping the frame width to a minimum. The combination of very wide doors and narrow frames was a decisive factor in choosing Vahle as a supplier. The light, beautiful structure of the oak wood contrasts beautifully with the red brick and golden brass.

Invisble hinges

All doors in the chapel are made of oak and brass. Where possible, concealed hinges have been chosen. This was chosen to make the door appear as simple as possible.

The door is the important transition

Doors play an incredibly important role in the transition from one room to another,

explains architect Johan Gjøde.

Especially in a room like this. It’s the first thing you see and the first thing you touch when the coffin is carried out of the ceremony room. Finding the best quality oak veneer for the doors has therefore been incredibly important.

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