New Dark Grey Apartment Doors

and interior doors for brand new penthouse apartment.

A truly ambitious owner a beautiful residential building has chosen all the “right” solutions in a comprehensive renovation of the staircase and penthouse apartment.


All the old apartment doors have been replaced with new ones that have been recreated exactly like the old ones both in terms of color and design. The difference is the comfort of the doors. In addition to meeting all fire safety requirements, the doors are also manufactured as soundproof doors, ensuring that drafts, odors and noise from the hallway do not enter the apartments.


The upper apartment, where the dry loft has also been included, has been completely refurbished, including new interior doors carefully recreated as the original panel doors.

Apatment doors painted black historically correct as fire doors
Apatment doors painted black historically correct as fire doors

The new doors are recreated exactly like the original doors.

The glass panels have been preserved, although today there is wood on the back, so you can’t see through.

Apatment doors painted black historically correct as fire doors

The apartment doors are gray in the hallway (RAL 7016) and white on the inside,

exactly like the original doors.

Hep 28

The original colors in the hallway are preserved

and you don’t realize that the doors are the only thing that’s new.

Apartment doors that are black and white

Same expression inside and out.

In the new apartment, the expression on the doors continues from the hallway.

Apartment doors as soundproof doors

The entrance doors are made as sound and fire doors,

with drop seal in the arch of the door.

White panel doors

Hamburg hinges

matches the dimension and style of the doors.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

Panel doors in different variants,

with attention to detail in the panels.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

Beautiful, durable and aesthetic solutions have been chosen throughout the apartment.

Solid wood is a consistent material from doors to floors and furniture.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

There is a good connection between the modern, exclusive bathroom

and the classic panel door.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

The large oval profile at the top of the door

adds an elegant and stately look.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

On the roof level, there are a number of the same panel doors

in the same design as other doors on the floor below.

Beautiful panel doors with great details and made as sound doors

Some doors in the apartment are fire doors (BD30),

which, with the exception of the bottom slash, is similar to the other panel doors in the apartment.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

When doors are allowed to live in good company

in a beautiful home with attention to detail.

Beautiful panel doors with great details

A beautiful mood shot from the kitchen,

where the exclusive material choices stand together harmoniously.

The new panel doors in the hallway are painted dark gray, so the atmosphere is like the original.

New doors in the hallway preserve style and add modern comfort

The old doors in the hallway were beautiful, but they were worn and leaky. The new doors are exactly the same as the old ones, but the comfort is completely different. The doors are designed as fire and sound doors. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll notice the upgrade by not hearing noise from the hallway or being greeted by the smell of cooking smoke and odors in the hallway in the same way as before.

“In order to make exact copies of the doors, they are delivered to us at the factory. We measure the doors and create production drawings based on these measurements. That way, we can recreate the door exactly like the old ones”

explains Sales Manager Bo Vejen and continues,


“Many historic doors are beautiful masterpieces of craftsmanship, so it’s a great pleasure for us to be able to help preserve that heritage when our customers want us to. We can do this because all our doors are designed from scratch and produced using Danish craftsmanship traditions”.

Two-level penthouse apartment with panel doors like the original

The top apartment has had the old dry loft converted into a large two-level apartment. The apartment has been completely renovated from A to Z, with top-of-the-line solutions and materials.


There was a strong desire from the owner to preserve the style of the old apartment. That’s why the beautiful old panel doors were returned to us, where they were measured and redrawn. The result is new doors that are exactly like the old ones.

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