Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

The doors are the good view from the waiting area.

The starting point for Hviidsminde Speciallægeklinik’s new annex was originally to create a waiting area with some nice pictures on the wall. It ended up being a completely different solution, where the doors became the decoration instead. In fact, it’s Denmark’s first Dinesen Framed by Vahle door, designed by Lars Vejen and made from the beautiful Dinesen Heart Oak.

Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle heartoak Hviidsminde
Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Hviidsminde Specialty Clinic

Doors become the waiting room’s decoration

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

3 meter high doors

Made from two Dinesen Heart Oak planks

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Deep oak frames

A perfect match for the Heart Oak door

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Door and frame merge together

In a perfect whole

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Door and floor with different surface finishes

The doors are treated with a matt oil

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Doors without bottom step

Allows for continuous plank flooring

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Hidden hinges

Supports the simple expression of the door

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

All customer-facing doors are Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle

The quality of the doors should reflect the quality of the clinic and should give clients a sense of safety and security

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Doors that look like old church floors

Treated with a matte oil

Dinesen Layers FRAMED by Vahle heart oak

Heart Oak with bows

A beautiful and vibrant material

3 meter high Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle doors create the good view.

“We wanted the doors in the waiting area to be an important element of the building. With high ceilings, it was crucial for us that the doors were also high, so they are actually three meters high. A decision was made in advance that the floors would be oak flooring from Dinesen, and that became the starting point for us to make doors where the material created the coherence,”

explains architect cand.arch. MAA Lars Christensen, Prisme Arktiekter.

Concealed hinges keep the door clean

The owner chose concealed concealed hinges because, as he says: “The concealed concealed hinges are one of the details of the door that I really like. They make the doors look completely stylish and beautiful”.

“We have built our new annex around the doors. That’s how I would put it. We enjoy the doors on a daily basis and there has yet to be a guest in the house who hasn’t noticed them. When you walk through the door of our clinic, you should feel confident that you’re getting a quality service. The doors support this feeling in the best possible way. It’s an investment, of course, but in terms of the total construction cost, it’s nothing compared to the value and joy they create.”

Quote: Client Lars Kjøller, Hviidsminde Specialklinik

Doors and door handles are assessed on both material and thickness

The important doors in the clinic are the ones that customers use. They are all Dinesen Framed By Vahle in Heart Oak. For both doors and door handles, architect Lars Christensen says it’s important to carefully assess both the material and its thickness. With this in mind, the choice fell on Knud Holscher handle from Dline in brass.

Doors are highlighted to resemble old oak church floors in Heart Oak

With doors in Dinesen Heart Oak and floors in Dinesen Oak, owner wanted to further highlight the diversity of the materials by using different types of oil.

“We chose to treat the doors with Dinesen Invisible Oil, which gives the doors a special matte surface, similar to that of old oak floors in churches. I think it’s really nice, and it makes the surface look more flat and less like a plank,”

as owner Lars Kjøller puts it.

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