Staircase doors in a cooperative

Uncompromising on brand, quality and design.

In this cooperative in a beautiful old building in Copenhagen, they had a hallway with the old original doors that had problems with drafts and sound from the hallway.

The doors were originally beautiful but had become battered to look at, the glass panels had been covered by a wooden panel on the back to meet 1970s fire regulations, and although the doors were basically the same, they still looked different.

Opgangsdør andelsforening branddør klassisk fyldningsdør replika
Entrance door housing cooperative fire door classic panel door replica

The original entrance doors have been recreated

and designed as fire doors.

Entrance door housing cooperative fire door classic panel door replica

The top panels in the doors were originally glass panels,

which in the new design is sybolically recreated with grooved panels.

Entrance door housing cooperative fire door classic panel door replica

The doors are designed with a design that originates from manor houses,

which makes the door leaves visually appear to be the same size.

Entrance door housing cooperative fire door classic panel door replica

Every detail of the doors is carefully thought out

including brass on all door hardware and ebony door handles.

Entrance door housing cooperative fire door classic panel door replica

Respect for the original and focus on high quality and functionality

has been the focal point of the new doors.

The new entrance doors are made as fire doors without compromising on design.

A refined and upgraded solution based on the original door

When the decision was made to replace the doors, the starting point was a simple standard fire door. But a door committee was set up in the association, which ended up with a completely different solution – a beautiful double panel door that is custom designed and manufactured. They took the original look of the building and upgraded it to meet current fire regulations, but also in a refined version of the original panel door.

Staircase door with beautiful details

The cooperative quickly realized that the local master carpenter would not be able to do the job when fire and sound requirements in the hallway had to be met. That’s why Vahle was chosen, where all wishes could be fulfilled without compromising on design, quality or legal requirements.

The original glass panels replaced with a grooved panel symbolizing glass

“We ended up designing our new doors ourselves, so we could get them exactly the way we wanted them,”

explains the owner, and continues

“We didn’t want glass in the top panels as there was originally, so we designed a panel with grooves in it that could symbolize glass without being glass, and in this way we could pay respect to the old. The center panel in the door was dropped to create a wide frame where the letter slot originally was, and now there is room for a large round brass door sign instead.”

Own design down to the smallest detail

The door is designed in a specific way traditionally used in manor houses, which means that the 2 door leaves are visually the same size, but in reality, one door leaf is significantly larger. This means you get a wider entrance without having to open the entire door section.

The door handle is another detail that has been carefully considered. It’s also custom-designed and crafted in ebony according to the old principles of door handles.

The client is very happy with the result and concludes:

“We are so impressed with the quality and overall result. It’s been worth the investment. We are happy that we were able to agree on a proper solution in the association. After all, the door is the first impression you get before entering the apartment, so it’s an investment for life. The doors will not be replaced in our lifetime again. They will last for many years to come, so we’re not only thinking about our time, but also our descendants.”

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