Double doors in white and gold.

Existing interior doors replaced with replica fire doors.

Amalienborg has been renovated with interior double doors in white and gold as replicas of the existing doors.

When Frederik VIII’s Palace was renovated, Vahle supplied replica doors of the existing panel doors. The new doors had to meet fire safety requirements. To replicate the appearance of the original door, the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces lent Vahle a door leaf, which was drawn up with vertical and horizontal sections.

The double door is white with gold highlighting the panels and emphasizing the design of the door. The other classic double doors are white and have a more neutral appearance.

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Indendige dobbelt fyldningsdøre Frederik 8.s Palæ
Amalienborg Denmark Copenhagen Royal Living

Frederik VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg

has been the residence of the Crown Prince family since 2010.

Interior double panel doors Frederik 8's Palace

The double doors are designed as fire doors,

and is painted white and gold on site.

Amalienborg Denmark Copenhagen Royal Family Architecture

The entire mansion has been extensively renovated

interior, including new interior doors.

The historic doors have been replaced with new doors in exact replicas that meet modern fire requirements.

Interior double doors as fire doors

The interior doors have inset hinges. The double doors are made as fire doors, optimizing safety in the renovated part of the castle. The panel doors were delivered untreated, as they had to be painted and gold leafed at Amalienborg.

The door solution creates a space between rooms, adding depth to the interior.

Home for the royal family

The mansion, also known as Brockdorff’s Mansion, was built in 1750-60 for Baron Joachim Brockdorff. Crown Prince Frederik VIII moved in in 1869 and became king in 1906, hence the name of the mansion. The buildings have since been home to various members of the royal family.

In 2010, the Crown Prince Couple took over the mansion after the interior and exterior restoration.

Project details

Technical details


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