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At Vahle, our respect for nature’s own formidable materials and good craftsmanship is firmly rooted in the core values of Danish design. This is evident in the variety of images you’ll find here on the site and on our Instagram profile. Here you’ll see how we bring out the natural beauty of wood in our many interior door designs that prioritize quality, function and aesthetics.


To meet architectural demands for quality and expression, we use several different types of wood for our interior doors, carefully selected for their individual qualities and the special warmth that the wood brings. This includes our smooth interior doors, which have a modern and timeless design, as well as our classic panel doors, which are suitable for projects that are based on historical charm.


At Vahle, we always make sure our interior wooden doors meet the highest standards. This means you can always expect quality, a craftsman’s attention to detail and good, solid durability. Because our work is based on a historic love of carpentry, which is clearly seen and felt in all the doors we make at our joinery in Mørke, Djursland.

White pine door

Private villa. Dinesen LAYERS by Vahle oak doors make a beautiful statement in the modern and stylish villa.

Aesthetic comfort in interior wooden doors

Our dedication to the Danish design philosophy, where wood and other natural materials play a key role, is particularly evident in our Nordic Design collection. Here you’ll find the essence of our craftsmanship values manifested in several different ranges of wooden interior doors that capture the essence of Nordic minimalism and comfortable functionality. This includes the doors made from original Dinesen planks, which combine a modern and aesthetically pleasing simplicity with durable quality. Here you’ll find wooden interior doors that effectively provide the peace and quiet often sought in modern construction.

In the Carpenter’s Collection you’ll find beautiful wooden doors designed by our own master carpenter. These doors are distinguished by their focus on craftsmanship, highlighting the organic structure found in the wood and contributing to the rest of the architecture with the deep, warm glow characteristic of oak.

You’ll also find a stylish alternative to the classic flush white painted doors in our Nordic Forest Selection. Here you’ll find solid wood doors made from the best Nordic wood species that can add a rewarding sense of naturalness and timeless elegance to any project.

Visit our showroom and experience the feel of our unique interior wooden doors

We believe that a wooden door from Vahle needs to be seen and felt to understand what makes them special. That’s why we’d like to invite you to experience them up close in our open showroom.

Although our door is always open to interested guests, we encourage you to contact us in advance to announce your arrival. This allows us to set aside plenty of time for you, so we are in the best position to give you a relevant tour and answer your questions about the different doors and options.

Our showroom is an integral part of our own headquarters. Here you’ll also see a living example of how our interior wooden doors can be used for a variety of everyday solutions. As we manufacture all our doors in-house, you also have the unique opportunity to visit our workshop, where you can smell the special scent of raw wood and get an insight into the work process from receiving the wood to the finished wooden door for your project.

Please contact us in advance to book an appointment. Call +45 8637 2477 or send an email to info@vahle.dk.


How to find our showroom

Our address is Fabriksvej 5, 8544 Mørke. It’s easy to get here if you’re in the Aarhus area. It’s only a five-minute walk from the nearest stop of the Light Rail from Aarhus Train Station and about half an hour by car from Aarhus city center. If you come by electric car, we also have a charging station in our parking lot that you can use while we show you around. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Panel doors Anna's House

Villa “Anna’s House”. New interior doors in exact reproduction of the historic doors.

Get inspired to choose the interior wooden doors that complement your next project

If you can’t visit us in person anytime soon, you can view examples of our creations online. On our Instagram profile, we regularly post images of different door designs to inspire you to build your own architectural narrative with our unique interior doors.

If you’re looking for a more detailed insight into what we stand for, you can also explore our online inspiration archive. Here you can see how our timber interior doors have been used in a variety of architectural contexts from modern and stylish homes, historic hallways and prominent institutions and businesses that want an aesthetically pleasing design and provide functionality that creates a pleasant experience for the people who spend time there.

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Internal wooden doors as an eco-friendly choice

At Vahle, wood matters. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to treat the environment, which forms a significant basis for our existence, with the utmost respect. As a renewable resource, wood is a sustainable material in its own right. In addition, we only source the wood from forests that, through our FSC certification, assure us that the necessary environmental considerations are taken into account.


You can read about our environmental commitment to learn more about the choices we make to live up to our responsibility for our shared future when producing wooden doors.

Fsc Wood

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of our wooden interior doors

If you’re inspired to find out more about the possibility of Vahle interior doors for your next building project, we’re here to help you with advice, guidance and technical specifications so you can get the doors that open up unique architectural possibilities, meet your requirements and fulfill your need for design excellence.

Please note that our doors are sold through a master carpenter or local timber merchant. We are therefore ready to enter into a constructive dialog with representatives from timber merchants, contractors, architects, craftsmen or builders. Here, we will use our own craftsmanship expertise and years of experience to provide you with the perfect wooden interior door solution.

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M. info@vahle.dk

T. +45 86 37 24 77


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