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The sliding door is an effective design element in modern architecture. Here they can be used to create solutions that perfectly match the room’s functions. This is true whether it’s for commercial or residential use. At Vahle, we build your sliding doors so that they are not only a practical solution – but also play a part in the overall design narrative. Based on the Danish design philosophy, we create doors that are aesthetically pleasing, high quality and comfortable to use. That’s why our sliding doors can also come with soft close functionality, so the use of the door reflects the calm and elegant style found in all our doors.

Sliding doors made with a focus on craftsmanship

Creating the perfect soft close sliding door requires a unique approach to each door. At Vahle, we take pride in building doors that fit precisely into each architectural context. That’s why our doors are built on a close dialog with you, the user. Since we manufacture our sliding doors with soft close from scratch in our carpentry workshop in Mørke, Djursland, there are also many opportunities to personalize your door. The sliding door is made to measure – but you can also choose from several Nordic wood species, colors, door handles, etc.

Therefore, you should contact us if you would like to learn more about the possibility of getting new sliding doors with soft close functionality for your project. We are always ready with personalized advice and guidance based on our craftsmanship expertise in doors.

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Experience the unique feel of a Vahle Sliding Door with soft close

Our approach to creating doors based on the traditional virtues of craftsmanship results in a quality that can be seen, heard and felt. That’s why we invite you to experience our sliding doors with soft close in our open showroom, where you can also see some of our other door types. We recommend that you make an appointment with us in advance so we can take the time to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

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See some of the elegant sliding doors we’ve created for various projects

In our project gallery, you can take a closer look at the sliding doors with soft close that we have created with various partners over the years. Here you will find inspiration for your very own Vahle Sliding Door, which is always created based on your personal preferences and architectural needs.


Modern style glass door adapted to old building Pigeskolen Christiansfeld

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At Vahle, we are always ready to advise you on your choice of doors. We’ve been striving to create the best architectural joinery doors for more than four decades. That’s why we have acquired a certain amount of knowledge and expertise, which we are happy to share with you when you want a solution of the highest quality. We look forward to helping you push architectural boundaries with our acclaimed Danish-designed doors.

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